Exceptional vacation homes for the ultimate vacation experience

Do you have wanderlust again? Yes, we know that all too well. This feeling doesn’t actually exist in any season. It is the incessant passion for the unknown, for the distant. The soul longs for adventure and new places that one has never been before. The right dwellings also play an important role, because they actively contribute to the mood and atmosphere of a trip or vacation. Whether it’s a hotel, rental apartment or holiday home – you just have to feel comfortable and cozy in it. And sometimes you even want to feel somehow different, somehow … extraordinary.

Perhaps you’re wondering where to go this year? How can the overnight stay be organized. Well, if you need a bit of inspiration, we have found 10 exceptional vacation homes for you. They impress with their original design and unique atmosphere. Most of them also have a picturesque view and are surrounded by mountains or are very close to the sea. Minimalist design and organic shapes are perfectly combined and ensure an uncomplicated holiday feeling as well as complete relaxation. No little things, no kitsch, no worries! An ultimate vacation experience in an extraordinary ambience.

We’ll start with our favorite – the beach house in Rhodes, Greece. This flawless creation was made by the team of architects  Peter Thomas Hornung, Elsa Katharina Jacobi and Jan Escher designed and realized. Futuristic design, clear lines and geometric perfection are rounded off by the breathtaking sea view.

Futuristic design in white

extraordinary holiday homes ocean view futuristic architecture

The holiday home has a spacious outdoor pool

extraordinary holiday homes modern architecture straight lines minimalist

You can also sit comfortably in the open air and enjoy the wonderful landscape

extraordinary holiday homes modern architecture futuristic concrete outdoor pool

The interior design is ergonomic and designed almost exclusively in white

extraordinary holiday homes modern interior design minimalist living style

But if you don’t necessarily want to be by the sea and prefer to go to the mountains, then you will definitely like our number 2. The “wave house” by the architectural studio Evolution Design is located in Switzerland and attracts the attention of everyone who walks by. It’s a real architectural gem.

Organic design made of glass and concrete

extraordinary holiday homes switzerland waves modern architecture organic forms

extraordinary holiday homes modern design switzerland waveform

exceptional holiday homes switzerland organic shapes interior design

And if you want to go higher and more idyllic, then the Berghaus is from AFGH in Scheidegg, again in Switzerland, just the thing for you. Simple yet extraordinary and somehow unique.

Keep it simple, in harmony with nature!

exceptional holiday homes bergen schnee rigi

exceptional holiday homes switzerland mountain house snow landscape

extraordinary holiday homes bergen alps switzerland light wood minimalist interior design

Bergig continues with the Ribbon House from G2 Estudio in San Carlos de Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina.

Dynamic facade and warm interior

exceptional holiday homes ribbon house g2 estudio

extraordinary holiday homes futuristic architecture ribbon house g2 estudio

extraordinary holiday homes ribbon house modern architecture wooden floor natural stone wall cladding

And a few more extraordinary holiday homes for unforgettable experiences.

The Heliodome – a solar house near Strasbourg

extraordinary holiday homes heliodome solar house strassburg

A small wooden house on the Drina river in Serbia

exceptional cottages wooden house serbia bajina basta drina river

Padilla Nicás Arquitectos’ holiday home in Vilapol, Lugo, Spain

extraordinary holiday homes modern architecture minimalist vilapol padilla nicas arquitectos

The unique “Auto” house in Salzburg, designed by the architect Manfred Voglreiter

exceptional holiday homes austria salzburg alps autohaus manfred voglreiter

UFO fascination – the Spaceship House in Chattanooga, USA

exceptional holiday homes spaceship house usa chattanooga

And last but not least, the fairytale Stone House in Guimarães Portugal

exceptional holiday homes stone house guimaraes portugal