The Arts District Loft project was built on an area of ​​approximately 190 m2. There used to be a factory here that was built in 1924. Arts District is located in downtown Los Angeles. The architectural office commissioned is called Marmol Radziner. The renovation was carried out in 2016 and the lead architects were Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner.

The two levels are a very modern solution for lofts

loft large area

What was the reconstruction actually made of??

Most of the renovation in a loft involved removing some of the walls. As a result, the typical modern open living space was created. In this case two bedrooms have been combined. This resulted in a master bedroom. The living room and bedroom were also largely rebuilt. The operating rooms also got a modern appearance.

The industrial style is a reminder of the building’s original function

loft designer lights

The goal: a loft with a familiar atmosphere

The modern and original atmosphere is always part of the modern loft. Likewise the artistic connection to the historical architecture. In addition, designers and residents can of course set further priorities in their projects. In this case, great emphasis was placed on creating a familiar atmosphere.

For this reason, part of the living space was raised slightly above ground level. In addition, the windows facing south and east had been optimized. In this way, the longed-for atmosphere of security was achieved. This also contributed to the good lighting and structuring of the whole loft. These are actually mandatory properties for this type of interior design.

The decoration ideas have a sculptural, architectural character

loft blue and brown

Furniture and room divider at the same time

In loft interior design, furniture that doubles as room dividers is very popular. In this case, the bookcase separates the living area from the bedroom. This storage unit can be rotated 90 degrees. When you do that, natural light comes in from the living room. Interesting multifunctional furniture can also be found in the bedroom itself. A column from the original construction has been converted into a usable area. This serves as a wardrobe and work space at the same time.

The industrial style is ideal for loft interiors

beige and blue loft

Highlighted stylistic contrasts

Stylistically, the interior design of this loft has been taken care of for the high-contrast appearance. It comes first on a stylistic level. There we have an industrial background and modern interior and decoration. The skillful use of accents ensured that both correspond with each other and that the whole thing is welded together. We also find a contrast at the level of the colors and textures. All of this says a lot about the lifestyle the residents have. They manage to create oases of familiarity and security within the wild city life.

Brown and beige in all their nuances match the industrial style of the interior design and at the same time have a cozy effect

loft exotic atmosphere

Exposed elements and heavy, noble textiles. Such an original luxury concept

loft bright bedroom

In this part of the loft, an extremely modern concept has been chosen

loft industrial facility

Black frames on the walls serve as storage space and make the high room more comfortable

loft intelligent zoning

The ceiling lighting provides a great contrast to the gloomy ambience

loft with great blue furniture

Black and brown stand for border and transition on this partition

loft beautiful interior

Here, too, the lighting sets interesting accents in the interior

loft lots of walking space and three windows

The furniture takes on the main role in the zoning

open plan loft

The principle of pairing the modern and the new is particularly visible on the wall

great room furnishings loft