ecologically building mud house earth straw

Why you should build ecologically

After we have already written about sustainable tourism, renewable energies and passive houses, the topic of ecological building also comes up. As you can see from the word ecological, this is a way of building houses that are made entirely of natural materials.

There are already many building materials that come from nature. Today we are mainly concentrating on the clay. We will show you some beautiful adobe houses that can not only be admired for their sustainability, but also look magical and fascinating. You immediately reminded us of the hobbit houses from Lord of the Rings. Curved lines, cute oval windows and doors, thatched roofs – simply fantastic.

Imaginative mud house in the forest

ecologically building mud house natural wood forest

Would you like to find out the 10 most important reasons that speak for an ecological mud house?

1st reason: Clay is a building material that is easy to handle. Even inexperienced enthusiasts can deal with it calmly and, above all, successfully.

2nd reason: This material has the property of acting as an electromagnetic isolator. In this way you can somewhat stop the negative radiation of the WLAN, the cell phone and the TV satellite.

3rd reason: The clay walls have a high level of thermal insulation. That means a mud house will keep you cool in summer and nice and warm in winter.

4th reason: The sound insulation of this natural material is also at a maximum level.

Etho house in the village of Bania in Bulgaria

ecologically building mud house, rustic, environmentally friendly

Process the natural building material

ecologically building mud house earth balls building material

Stable wooden construction

ecologically building mud house wood earth sustainable

5th reason: clay breathes. In this way, the humidity in the house is regulated and the processes of condensation are prevented. Such a house is the perfect home, especially for people who suffer from asthma.

Reason 6: Clay is a sustainable material that does not contain any toxic chemicals.

7th reason: This building material is easy to find in nature, especially if you live in such a place, rich in loamy soil.

Sustainable building with a fairytale design

ecologically building mud house bulgaria

8th reason: You hardly need any electricity when building the mud house. You can just do the whole process with just your own hands and feet.

9th reason: clay is inexpensive and occurs in abundance in nature.

Reason 10: And last but not least, you can put all your heart into building your house. It’s like creating a sculpture. You can expand and maintain the clay house like a living creation that is filled with your energy.

Have we piqued your interest? We hope so. Look at all of the pictures and imagine what your own mud house could look like.

A special kind of cosiness

ecologically building mud house village banja

Rustic and unique

ecologically building clay houses sustainably

Perfect unity

ecologically building mud house sustainable nature

This is what your own eco house could look like

ecologically building mud house village house rustic

Imaginative mud house in the village of Leshten in Bulgaria

ecologically building mud house village leshten bulgaria

Organic interior decoration

ecologically building mud house village leshten interior design

Chic mud house with an African flair

ecologically building clay houses healthy living

Let your imagination run wild

ecologically building mud house interior design

Tree trunks and sturdy wooden beams

ecologically building mud house interior furnishing living room open plan

A bedroom like from a fairy tale

ecologically building mud house interior bedroom

Entrance area with a shabby chic touch

ecologically building mud house rustic interior

Romantic at sunset

ecologically building mud house thatched roof forest

Smooth lines and pure nature

ecologically building mud house canopy roofed terrace

A cozy hobbit-worthy kitchen

ecologically building sustainable house kitchen