Gothic architecture Ghent market hall renovation

Striking modern buildings with elements of Gothic architecture

A.W.N. Pugin renovated Westminster Palace from the inside in 1984 using the formal language of Gothic architecture. He believed very strongly in this style and also in medieval society, which was still not familiar with industrialization.

One can interpret this construction as a kind of reaction against the classical.

Striving for authentic experience

By building on the Gothic architecture, Pugin tried to achieve a more authentic effect. He found that traditional techniques had great potential in this regard.

Pugin was not alone in his concern to combine modern with Gothic architecture. His successors were active a little later. Here are some of these artists and their work.

Renovation of the ‘Stedelijk Museum Hof ​​van Busleyden’ Mechelen, Belgium

DmvA Architecten renovated the building of the ‘Stedelijk Museum Hof ​​van Busleyden’ in Mechelen, Belgium. Bricks and sandstone were used, as was typical of late Gothic architecture. The building is organized around three outdoor areas. Between the buildings there is a small inner courtyard, a rectangular courtyard and a city garden.

The building has been protected by UNESCO since 1938

Gothic architecture elements Stedelijk Museum Hof ​​van Busleyden 'Mechelen Belgium

The modern building has elements of Gothic architecture

Gothic architecture Stedelijk Museum Hof ​​van Busleyden 'Mechelen Belgium

Market hall in Ghent

The second example also comes from Belgium. This time it is the market hall. It is located between three Gothic towers. The facade of the hall shows a new interpretation of its pointed arches. So it refers to both the historical and the modern epoch.

The location of the building is characteristic

Gothic architecture elements modern building Markthalle Gent

Unusual lighting makes the modern architecture look even more fascinating

Gothic architecture Ghent market hall

Ptuj Performance Center in Slovenia

Historians associate the beginning of Gothic in this region with the arrival of the Dominican order in the 13th century. Its members built a monastery on this site. In addition to the Gothic style, we also experience Romanesque and architecture from other eras. Since the 18th century the building has had many modern functions – it’s a museum, hospital, social facility. The historic building has recently been renovated and turned into a modern performance center. Many of the Gothic elements were kept by the ENOTA company. This gave the Ptuj Performance Center an absolutely unique character.

A building with many functions

gothic architecture Ptuj Performance Center

The combination of modern and Gothic elements looks interesting

modern architecture Ptuj Performance Center gothic elements

 Modern buildings with elements from Gothic architecture

modern architecture Ptuj Performance Center renovation

Buitrago Castle in Madrid, Spain

This is less about the mix of modern and Gothic architecture. Rather, we are dealing with the presentation of the second in a completely new light. This is meant in the literal sense. The innovation consists in the modern lighting from MUKA ARQUITECTURA.

The Buitrago Castle

Gothic architecture renovation Buitrago Castle Madrid

Drents Archives, Assen, Holland

In 2011, Zecc Architects carried out the renovation of Drents Archives in Assen, Holland. They wanted to make this more accessible physically and digitally. The pearl of the building is the so-called “time machine”. It is a new entrance. He introduces visitors to a space for research into neo-Gothic.

The renovation of the Drents Archives in Assen

modern architecture Drents Archive Assen Gothic elements

Fascinating interior design

modern architecture Drents Archives Assen renovation gothic architecture

The Gothic elements give the interior design a fascinating look

modern architecture Drents Archive Assen