Skylight skylight over the kitchen island

What you should definitely know about skylight skylights

As soon as you enter the Pantheon in Rome, you notice that the spirit of sublimity prevails there. All eyes are directed upwards to the upper storeys – an antique variant of the skylight skylight, from which ample light comes in.

Regardless of whether you use an Oculus like in the Pantheon or another type of skylight, you can create a lot of drama in the room.

This is a great way to bring out the architectural elements.

In the case of the Pantheon, this creates a mystical atmosphere in the room and gives the building an important character.

Do you want to use this centuries-old technology in your home??


The light dome is a historical architectural element that is constantly being incorporated into contemporary architecture in new ways. The roof windows can be given a modern character by spicing them up with fresh colored nuances.

We see such an example in Michael Biondo’s photograph, which depicts the work of Kent Modern House


A beam construction like this can convert a wide window opening into a series of openings


This living area was determined by the sequence of many openings

skylight-skylight-in-living area

By attaching the openings to the wall, you have ensured a particularly visually appealing appearance.

Skylight skylights not only allow the flow of light, but can also provide you with a visual connection to the outside area..

In this case you can enjoy the view of the branches above

skylight-ceiling-covered with wood

These unexpected roof lights make it possible for the skylight to precisely illuminate the bed during the day.

At night you can look at the stars


There are two major advantages of roof light in the bathroom.

The natural light calms the atmosphere in every room


On a cloudy day, a touch of natural light falling from top to bottom would be super good for everyone.

You can see what that looks like using the example of this shower enclosure here


The shadows create dynamic and ever-changing patterns


This space is covered by filtered light. This creates a game of mysteries.

It is reflected from all the walls in the room and from the water in the swimming pool

skylight-skylight-with-wood-privacy screen

The natural light could also reflect the different areas of the home.

Here you can see a built-in bench, which is determined by linear roof light


The gradations of light “flow” down the walls.

A wonderful, poetic zone has been created by flooding the stairs with light


You can create playful shadows by adding a few pairs of bars under the light opening, as shown here


Looking at the light dome itself can also be a pleasure.

The reflection of the light falling down here is soft and you can also say: hypnotizing

Skylight-skylight-square-made of concrete

You can also add Skylight ceiling windows on the roof terrace, it is very convenient in terms of maintenance, noisy Chris Pardo Design


One can thus also create between the ceiling and the space below for an interactive experience


Notice how the small accents of light give this modern room a zen character?

Skylight-round-skylight in the children's room

Would you feel more motivated and relaxed living in such an apartment? I think yes … or?

We hope that our tips and ideas for Skylight roof windows have been helpful to you.