ice hotel sweden bedroom double bed

Ice Hotel Sweden – the 25th hotel in Jukkasjärvi

Every year the small settlement in northern Sweden Jukkasjärvi welcomes over 50,000 visitors on the occasion of a special art object – the ice hotel. Recently the Ice Hotel Sweden opened for the 25th time and has once again displayed its grandeur and beauty. Dozens of artists have worked on it and made their contribution to the creation of the ice hotel, be it with sculptures, lighting or just typographically.

The first and largest ice hotel in the world has been redesigned after three months of hard work. Over 1,000 tons of frozen water were used for the whole thing, and over 30,000 m3 of snow and ice were mixed with air. Quite a lot when you consider the inevitable volatility of this incredibly beautiful creation.

Ice Hotel Sweden – main entrance

ice hotel sweden main entrance hotel

Every room in the hotel is actually a kind of suite. Masterfully and imaginatively carved and designed from ice. Many different styles can be seen here. From the minimalist to the folklore to the baroque style. The Borderland to German Grenzland suite, for example, has numerous ice carvings on the turns and on the ceiling. The double bed is made of crystal ice and is reminiscent of a wrought iron bed but made of glass. The Art Suite ‘Hot type in a cold setting’ is more minimalist with typographic elements. The ice bar is spacious with a counter made of transparent ice, geometrically carved. In the Spring Room for German Spring, you can enjoy the filigree flowers and branches on the walls and pillars and get in the mood for a little more springtime. In the Abject beauty suite you can admire the artistic sculptures and the small church of the hotel with its dome and benches made of clear ice invites you to pray.

So if you go to northern Sweden this winter, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi. Believe us, we haven’t promised too much. You will be fascinated by this work of ice art.

Art Suite Borderland by Tomasz Cjazkowski & Eryk Marks

ice hotel sweden art suite borderland

Art Suite ‘Hot type in a cold setting’ by John Bark & Charli Kasselbäck

ice hotel sweden type room bedroom

Ice fragments

ice hotel sweden details

Icebar ‘Boom’ by Wouter Biegelaar, Viktor Tsarski & Maurizio Perron

ice hotel sweden bar jukkasjärvi

The ice cream bar counter

ice hotel sweden bar counter

‘Two as one’ by Jose Carlos and Cabello Millán

ice hotel sweden double bed art suite

‘Spring’ by Wilfred Stijger & Edith van de Wetering

ice hotel sweden suite spring

‘Abject beauty’ by Lotta Lampa & Julia Gamborg Nielsen

ice hotel sweden cold beauty art suite

The ice church

ice hotel sweden church