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What you have to consider when converting your own house?

One of the first questions you might ask about a New construction of your house is: “How much will it cost?” Usually then comes the second question: “How long will it take?”. I can answer both questions with the following answer: “It depends.

We do not want to be evasive with this issue, but at the same time there is a lot that needs to be considered before a realistic budget can be planned for the project.

One thing that homeowners cannot recognize at the beginning is that a well-planned and well-designed project can mean that implementation can take a reasonably long time.

As I wrote earlier, the design process can take six to eight months to come up with something new and made to measure. It can also take longer if there are any complications. The extension often comes from the additional permits required or objections from neighbors to the construction process. You should understand that the good professionals do not intend to look over the window and dream. The team works to understand the design and construction in detail so that the work process then goes smoothly.

Be realistic

New construction of your house

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Often times, it is difficult for homeowners to know what is realistic for each process. For example, the resolution to realize the kitchen within a week is certainly condemned in advance. Plumbers, plumbers and tile dealers are involved in the process. It would be just foolish to think that they can all professionally complete their jobs in such a short period of time.

What’s also confusing is that the deadlines for building work in suburbs can vary a lot from those in luxury homes like this one. Many customers ask where the difference is coming from. The reason for this is that the construction workers are moving from house to house, completely devoting themselves to the process in one place.

In a custom-made house, the designers could arrive a week later and then you will be late for the next place as well. The whole thing is like a domino trial.

Most builders try to get as many orders as possible so that the wages of their people and thus the motivation to work are secured

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Often you can’t work on two projects at the same time. There are certain terms for the mobilization and demobilization of the work team and this often cannot be in place on the exact day or in the agreed week.

Understand the time spans and the implications of what is being written. Do you understand exactly what the demolition will affect? Have a good idea of ​​the noise and clutter?

The words on the leaflet can be terribly abstract if you can imagine what they mean in your living room remodel. They only gain importance when your house looks like it was devastated after a storm. You may want to move out from there for a certain period of time.

Builders should be able to predict in which part of the work process this is likely to happen. Don’t you dare clarify the meaning of every single detail with them.

Schedule work for a period when it will least affect your family. You will likely have a hard time starting the building process early in winter.

How does it work with the time appointments?

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You should define these clearly. This will help you understand the logic of the activities. Then you will also be able to better understand the steps that follow.

According to the contract, you can ask the builder to work out a comprehensive schedule and present it to you. This should include all work and phases from start to finish. You can then discuss this plan at the beginning of the work process in a meeting, at which representatives from all sides are also present.

Get a feel for what can affect the work process

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There is a well-known rule of thumb that applies to designers and installers: “The process will always take longer than you think!” There are so many factors working against the original order: complexity, weather, number of construction workers, permits and inspections, previous orders and delays in materials, equipment and facilities. Make sure that the team members you have chosen have realistically planned all of these aspects.

You have to plan carefully and generously with materials that are not produced on site, such as imported tiles. Custom-made products and equipment can also lead to delays.

Snow-white, classic living room – classic motifs

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There are also permissions to consider. A local building inspector should come on site during the work process. He should personally ensure that everything is carried out as intended.

If the inspectors sense that there is a gap between the plan and the final product, they could request more information. This is the only way to ensure that everything will also comply with the building regulations.

In the worst cases, the inspector may request the construction work to be interrupted.

The final details New construction of your home bedroom pool sliding doors windows

For some reason, the work is taking a lot more time than planned in advance. However, you should accept this in terms of correct establishment.

The processes involved in installing the trims or custom-made items can lead to disastrous processes.

I’ll give you an example of a project that I know from close by. The challenge was to coordinate three different work teams. At the same time, cupboards were to be built in, work surfaces made of quartz and a sink made of stainless steel. You had to coordinate these three work processes.

Notable example of modern architecture

garage new build houses ground floor solid massive surfaces

The house owner wanted to look at the interim results and the builder then involved everyone in the subsequent conversation.

One thing to remember is that by the end of the project a lot of the money has been spent and the traders have used up a lot of the money. Usually there is a sum of money that you have to transfer after completing the work. If you are satisfied with the interim results, you should consider transferring these sums earlier in order to motivate your employees better.

Just as there is no work that is beautiful according to all the opinions, it is also impossible that there is a deadline that is always perfectly met. If you find out more about the work process, you will also be able to avoid the frustration.

Minimalistic with geometric shapes and lines

minimalist style new build houses reconstruction

Building structure – sustainable, contemporary architecture

new build houses attractive design grass area

Outdoor indirect lighting – blue lights

indirect lighting facade reconstruction new building of your house

Warm wooden furniture in the living room    new building houses wood furnishing

Living and kitchen area as well as dining room combined in one  new build houses green sofas living room

Bright, inviting atmosphere in the living room – ceiling-high windows and sliding doors as well as skylights provide additional daylight

living room luxury new building of your house

Natural stone forms the building structure here

pool outside area facade stone wall architecture built-in footpath

Designer architecture – compact open house equipped with volleyball court

tennis court architecture boulders exotic palm trees New building of your house

Futuristic architecture – ground floor

factual modern architecture lighting palm trees surrounding area

Spectacular views

breathtaking views exotic palm trees architecture new building of your house

Your house could look absolutely gorgeous

exceptional house remodeling reconstruction grass area trees

Homely atmosphere and lots of daylight at home

Villa in Tuscany living room carpets new floor to ceiling construction of your home

Residence in the forest – Asian style

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