Remote location, harmony with nature and innovative charisma – such modern architecture should characterize future-oriented facilities such as an observatory. At least we are left with this impression of a fascinating building with this function located in Aveiro, Portugal. It certainly has an emblematic character and can serve as an inspiration for many modern houses.

The harmony with the environment is very important for modern architecture

A distance view of modern architecture

Modern architecture in a remote town

The observatory rises above a maze of various canals, salt marshes and small islands. They all make up the landscape of the lagoon. The building also serves as an entrance facility for visitors to the nature park, which shows the biodiversity of the mouth of the Vouga River.

The windows show modern shapes and offer beautiful views of the surroundings!

Glass facade modern architecture

Internal layout of the building

Inside, the modern architecture accommodates a lecture hall, from which a view of the surroundings opens up. These can be viewed through large and deep windows, which make the enjoyment of viewing the surrounding landscape particularly intense. You can admire the plants growing on the dikes and the smallest movements in the sky. The observatory was created by a former craftsman whose work is also the Aveiro shipyard. Two local carpenters completed the wooden parts for the formwork. The metal parts are the work of locks from the Navy.

The wooden parts and other elements were made by local artisans

industrial facade modern architecture

We recognize modern, constructive forms of affection for nature and home in this modern building. They have a very positive effect and are in a typical Portuguese style. And as we can also see, modern architecture is wonderfully suited to represent super traditional values. It also naturally manages to integrate these into modern scientific concepts. So such a building concept is to be seen as a fascinating vision for the future!

Within this landscape, modern architecture appears like an island of stability

modern architecture at the great lake

The colors of the landscape were chosen for the facade design

modern architecture by the water

Up close we can see the diversity of the integrated components

modern architecture facade field

The different parts of the interior work together to achieve a wonderful visual balance

modern architecture with great glass

The modern lecture hall enables a particularly intensive observation of nature

modern architecture great reading room

The structure of the hall makes it suitable for interactive activities

beautiful stairs modern architecture

In modern houses, their function can also be seen on the facade

beautiful fields modern architecture