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Terrace roofing made of wood: When the terrace extends the living space

Summer on the terrace – what could be nicer? Here you can laze around every free minute, meet friends to celebrate or just enjoy the day with family. However, this is not always possible, because too often wind and weather make it impossible to stay on the terrace.

And even the midday sun on hot summer days can make it impossible to take a break on the veranda. A patio cover is then a good solution. This not only protects against the weather, but also gives the impression of another room. Living outdoors is therefore also possible within your own four walls.

Terrace covering painted white

Terrace coverings made of wood have tradition

Terrace coverings are not an invention of our time. People have long protected the space in front of the house with a roof. Many of you are probably familiar with the pergola roofing from old films. And the American architectural style is also without Terrace roofing unthinkable. Today only the architecture of the house and your own taste determine the style of the roof.

The pergola, which shines in the fresh green of the climbing plants and also produces many exotic flowers, still looks particularly natural and chic. A pergola does not have a fixed roof, but a tendril grid, which is overgrown by climbing plants and which, with their canopy of leaves, offer protection from sun, wind and rain.

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Fixed canopy for permanent protection

A firm one Terrace roofing offers safe and permanent protection against wind and weather. Roof tiles or roofing felt provide protection, as do safety glass or bitumen roof shingles. The choice is left to the client. In the case of transparent roofs, however, it should be borne in mind that they do not offer any protection from the sun and that additional, flexible protection from the sun may be necessary. Side protection can also be included in the roofing, which turns the terrace into a small space and thus shifts the living space to the outside area.

patio roofing traditional chic

Kit or architect – that is the question

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. A kit is always cheaper. And those who are less skilled in terms of craftsmanship will also be more likely to enjoy a kit. The already pre-planned Patio coverings are pre-cut and bring all the necessary parts with you. Here only needs to be set up according to the instructions. the Terrace roofing as a kit, however, it doesn’t have to be monotonous. Individuality is easy to create with painting, unique roofing or planting. Elaborate planning work is not necessary.

terrace roofing spacious and robust

the Terrace covering Von Architekten is unique and can also create unusual roof shapes, but these roofs are usually also expensive and take a long time to plan. Regardless of which roofing terrace owners choose, with one Terrace roofing the veranda becomes another room for cozy hours.

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