zen house berrima singapore glass pool

 The Berrima Zen House in Singapore

Just one word is enough to describe the Berrima House in Singapore: Zen! It carries many elements of Asian culture and is from Park Associates been expanded. The Berrima House represents a space for body, mind and soul. It promotes social interaction and glorifies the need to spend time with our family in various activities.

Actually, building the Berrima House was more of a way of focusing on different areas while serving different activities.

The house has a volumetric structure, presenting a green oasis in its heart – a beautiful courtyard divides the ground floor creating an airy atmosphere.

A Zen fountain frames the deck of the house, almost everything here is clad in precious marble. The bright atmosphere is one of the focal points of the whole house equipment. As a result, the house looks fluid: the rooms have no walls, but are framed by glass, there are only a few doors and many corridors. From the kitchen you can go directly to the inner courtyard and why not, dine there too, surrounded by its own, intimate, quiet green atmosphere. How do you find that? Reassuring? Relaxing? Or what?

Zen house – relaxing atmosphere and luxury

zen house berrima singapore courtyard pool glass walls

Quiet moments in the inner courtyard

berrima house sigapur zen garden courtyard luxury

Water, wood and plants evoke a natural feeling

zen house berrima singapore courtyard

Enjoy the beautiful weather barefoot

zen house berrima singapore courtyard garden building

Wooden floor ensures cosiness

zen house berrima singapore hallway bathroom

Luxury feeling in the bathroom

berrima house sigapur zen furnishing bathroom luxury

At sunset

zen house berrima singapore at night

Floor plan: first floor

berrima house sigapur zen furnishing draft first floor

Floor plan: second floor