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12 great decorative alternatives to curtains

There are many ways to add patterns to a room. One of them are the windows. You can put them there in a variety of ways, such as through fabrics. These could be voluminous swaths of textiles or tailored, functional shapes. These are two great variants, but they certainly do not exhaust the possibilities.

The windows themselves could show interesting patterns. The painted glass would be a traditional solution. But the industrial windows and doors could achieve a similar effect. However, you could create this in a much more contemporary way. There is also etched glass, umbrellas, shade sails and many others Curtain ideas. In this way, not only is the light that comes in filtered, but different shapes are created.

The first among the curtain ideas presented is the lead glass

curtains ideas alternative curtains lead glass privacy protection sun protection

These wonderful stained glass windows fill the room with mood and drama. They are certainly not for everyone. But they show how the main design idea of ​​a room can be represented through the window.

Metal screens

curtains ideas alternative curtains metal canvas decoration ideas shadow play

Water-jet cut aluminum shades create these rotating arabesques of light and shadow. What better decoration can you imagine on these floor-to-ceiling windows?

Sculptural canvases

curtains and curtains ideas alternative panel curtains privacy protection sun protection

Here we are dealing with a sculpture inspired by algae. It hangs in front of the window wall like the curtains. Furthermore, it ensures an interesting and textured appearance in this wide room.

Patterns that protect the private area

curtains and curtains ideas geometric patterns

These interestingly painted patterns help protect privacy in this traditional space. They also soften the incoming light and thus protect the soft fabrics and the wood.

Ethnic roller blinds

curtains ideas curtains blinds roller blinds deco ideas

The roller blinds here have been decorated with Moroccan mosaic patterns. They ensure an ethnic and particularly interesting character in the attic. However, privacy protection is still ensured.

Doors with metal frames

curtains and curtains ideas roller blinds large window area window decoration

Metal doors in a workshop style represent a matter-of-fact, geometric approach to the execution of the window works. The rough metal frames are left over from the Mondrian paintings.

Round painted windows

curtains and curtains ideas colored glass round

The contemporary, colored round glass windows represent the focal point in the room. This is a bold and successful choice.

Hidden behind the floor-to-ceiling and bleached draperies, the patterned shape provides the right touch of tension in this serene bathroom. Did you notice that it doesn’t match the Link Patterned Carpet at all? But actually they look good together, right??

Laser cut panels

curtains and curtains ideas panel curtains panels made of wood laser cut

Here we see a cool and completely new interpretation of the classic cafe curtains. The laser-cut wooden panels float over the windows and thus ensure the protection of the private area and light control. Roll these over the white wall and they will turn into works of art.

Strange sun sails

curtains ideas kitchen curtains awning awning

These cool striped sun sails are a fun alternative to the typical decorative strip.

Filigree screens

cozy sitting area hallway furnishing ideas window decoration ideas

These have been used for many years in the hot desert climate and thus ensure coolness in the sun-drenched surroundings. The same approach makes a great effect in the dressing room and closet. the Delia Solarform filters the light and protects the private area.

Bottle glass

curtains and curtains ideas colored glass bottle glass

Colored bottle rondelles fill the windows of this wine room. They correspond great with the vintage bottles nearby. The result is not only a beautiful, but also a practical result, because the wine bottles are protected from sunlight.