Designer ornament decorated game table drawers wood

Game table made of solid wood

The originally designed game and card tables have the authentic touch of all times. The designer range from Geek Chic includes beautifully crafted pieces that add extra elegance to any room. This increases the aesthetic ambience and fits perfectly in the lounge. Made from sturdy wood such as walnut, maple, cherry, this gaming table still looks like a great dining table.

The wooden table top is removable and shows the familiar green surface that is used on many card tables. The selection of hidden drawers stamps the sides of the table and maintains the effective storage system.

Designer gaming table from Geek Chic

Designer game table dining table sultan chic wood

There is still an internal rail system, bevelled corners, bronze-colored handles and even integrated cube towers to be found. Best of all, though – you can add attachable serving boards and cup holders to the pre-fabricated drawer boxes, which is actually a private space. Ultimately, it’s not just about an improved appearance, but also about a choice – a unique element for every designer gaming table. Let’s play cards or something now?

Extra table top and open drawers 

Designer geek chic sultan gaming table with extra storage space

Solid game table from Geek Chic

Designer surface play table light wood robust

Extravagant, dark wood texture

Designer player square game table wood table legs

Separate area for each player

Designer gaming table playing cards

Here furnished with chairs

Game table, card table, designer chairs

The table can still serve as an office table

Solid wood designer game table

Removable wooden panels

Game table boards boards surface designer

Robust construction attached to every lounge

Game table light dark boards designer boards

Open storage space   Designer gaming table drawer box

Office table or gaming table, it totally depends on you

Designer desk game table table legs wooden top

Large and ergonomic for card games

Designer gaming table, wooden legs

Shall we play now??

Designer gaming table, smooth tabletop