bmw electric car i8 hybrid sports car white

BMW i8 electric car – the car of the future

We are now dealing with a completely new model of sports car on the market. That Model i8 combines the super light construction used by the racers with super impressive fuel efficiency. According to the BMW designer, this model has no ancestors.

An opportunity or a luxury can be called the opportunity to build such a car. The latest materials are used. You develop fresh proportions. The end result is an indescribably attractive aerodynamic silhouette. It is characterized by the distinctive scissor doors and character lines.

The new hybrid sports car from BMW and its influence on design

bmw electric car i8 design hybrid sports car

The car fans among you can certainly continue to write and read on this subject. But let’s get back to the design of clothes and interiors. Because works like this inspire news in other spheres as well. This has been proven.

Inspiration from the automotive world

bmw electric car i8 design sports car of the future

Luxury and comfort

bmw electric car i8 design sports car leather interior

Decoration with cars at home

Car models are a great topic for male spaces. This applies to the design of the children’s room as well as to single apartments for older boys. Let’s start with the colored version! Who wouldn’t love to live in an apartment like this, dominated by aerodynamic shapes and metallic colors?

Imagine, for example, such pieces of furniture against a neutral pastel-colored background?

Electric sports car

bmw electric car i8 hybrid sports car black

Images of cars could also be used wonderfully in interior design. Especially in the living room you could hang such a large photo on a wall. Accessories such as bags, but also coffee cups and clocks can contribute to the transfer of the image of this car in the interior design through their shape and character.

Designer bags from Louis Vuitton

bmw electric car i8 design designer fashion louis vuitton bags

In the picture above you can see the model of luggage bags from Louis Vuitton. He was inspired by this model of the car to create these luggage bags. Downright masculine and super modern, they go perfectly with the rear seat of this car.

Fashion and technology go hand in hand

bmw electric car i8 designer fashion louis vuitton bags

 Fits perfectly in the back seat

bmw electric car i8 designer fashion louis vuitton bags back seat

 Out and about in style

bmw electric car i8 sports car designer bags

They come in a variety of forms. They are super suitable for the successful businessman who has not lost his fondness for typical male hobbies.

BMW i8 electric car tested by AutoBild