Halloween pumpkin templates carving kind inconvenient

The talented artist and carver Ray Villafane exhibits his amazing creations

Ray Villafane began to make his tricks out of pumpkins at an early age. He comes from a poor family and back then he carved his own toys out of wood. He started carving the firewood because his family used it as a warming medium in winter.

However, his creations rot very quickly after they were carved, so Ray kept exercising his talent to keep his toy box full.

Throughout his academic career, his colleagues and teachers have recognized his natural artistic abilities. He graduated from Art School in New York City in 1991.

Carving Halloween pumpkins – ideas and templates can be found in the following a book

Halloween pumpkin carving art gamer

Despite all of the world-famous products that Ray has sculpted, one is most fascinated by his pumpkin carving templates. In immediate succession, Ray has won Food Network challenges and has appeared on many TV shows and shows including The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. In 2010, Ray was even invited to the White House to carve pumpkins.


Halloween pattern pumpkin carving kind creepy

Bad movie hero

Halloween pumpkin movie carving kind evil

Sci-fi appearance

Halloween pumpkin carving art film sci fi

Fish template

Halloween evil pumpkin carving kind fish

Meaningful character Halloween pumpkin carving art feelings

Bored It doesn’t really matter!

Halloween templates pumpkin carving kind bored

Bored to death

Halloween bored pumpkin carving art sleep

food is ready!

Halloween knife pumpkin carving art ideas

What a treat!

Halloween pumpkin carving art funny

Angry girl

Halloween ponytail pumpkin carving art girl

Scary skull

Halloween pumpkin carving art monster


Halloween pumpkin carving art original

  hit in the face Halloween pumpkin carving type blow

A sweet with a round facet

Halloween pumpkin plump carving kind cute face

Carved artfully and creatively

Halloween designs pumpkin carving art thinker

Surrealistic faces  Halloween pumpkin carving type two face