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Graffiti art

Here we have put together a fascinating collection of graffiti art for you. These are large and small projects by graffiti artists in some of the most famous cities in the world. What you see here is of course only a tiny part of this large and rapidly developing art, also known as street art.

No matter where exactly this graffiti art is created, it is always terrific and has a very large audience. Often the idea is simply to beautify the environment, play with colors and shapes. Not infrequently, however, the graffiti also have a political expression or call for peace, love or friendship. Graffiti art is so imaginative and multifaceted that you can never get enough of it.

Whimsical creatures, colorful animals, oversized portraits and many other imaginative creations emerge. Wherever there is an empty, ugly outer wall, a graffiti artist can realize himself through his work. It is a phenomenon, an urban reality that we can constantly experience ourselves. Graffiti art is an incredibly original addition to our cities, a colorful and contemporary perspective. Take a look at all the interesting projects that we have collected here and discover new worldviews and ideas worldwide. You can also see certain nuances and differences in graffiti art in different countries. See for yourself and immerse yourself in the magic of street art!

 New York Graffiti Art – peep through two fingers

 graffiti pictures new york finger eye

New York Street Art – colorful stripes

graffiti pictures new york colorful stripes

Berlin, Germany – the Augenturm

graffiti art berlin germany eye

Berlin street art – golden chain

graffiti pictures berlin germany figure chained

Berlin – the drinking swimmer

graffiti pictures berlin germany head

Bethlehem – sleeping peace

graffiti art bethlehem boy

Bethlehem – fragile peace

graffiti art bethlehem white dove

Bogota, Colombia – beach and warmth

graffiti art bogota colombia people

Bogota – The sniper

graffiti art bogota colombia sniper

Bristol, England – movement and flames

graffiti art bristol england burning people

Bristol-The Squirrel

graffiti drawing bristol england squirrel

Buenos Aires – The Beatles

graffiti drawing buenos aires argentina beatles

Buenos Aires – whimsical animals and plants

graffiti drawing buenos aires argentina yellow orange house

Buenos Aires – oversized water turtle

graffiti drawing buenos aires argentina turtle

Istanbul, Turkey – rainbow stairs

graffiti drawing istanbul turkey rainbow stairs

Istanbul – knight fight

graffiti drawing istanbul turkey knight

Cape Town, South Africa – white swans

graffiti art cape town south africa swans

Cape Town – the zebra man

graffiti drawing cape town south africa zebra man

Lisbon, Portugal – the black man

graffiti drawing lisbon portugal

Lisbon – political graffiti

graffiti drawing lisbon portugal colorful

Lisbon – oversized crocodile

graffiti pictures lisbon portugal crocodile

London, England – colorful beauty

graffiti pictures london colorful woman face

London – The Elephant Octopus

graffiti pictures london elephant octopus

London – abstract tiger

graffiti pictures london tiger

Melbourne, Australia – girls and monkeys

graffiti pictures melbourne australia monkey girl

Melbourne – The praying mantis

graffiti pictures melbourne australia praying mantis

Melbourne – an Aboriginal child

graffiti pictures melbourne australia child

Mexico City – mechanical animals

graffiti art mexico city scary characters

Mexico City – strange reptile

graffiti pictures mexico city nature

Mexico City – 3D snake

graffiti art mexico city snake

Moscow, Russia – old man in black

graffiti art moscow russia old man

Moscow – a dancing couple

graffiti art moscow russia couple

Moscow – a portrait

graffiti art moscow russia portrait

Lodsch, Poland – Indian woman

graffiti art poland girl

Lodsch – elephant riding

graffiti art poland elephant

Lodsch – white ferret

graffiti art poland ferret

Paris – big eyes on the bank

graffiti art paris france eyes shore

Paris – fighting boys

graffiti art paris france boys

Paris – girl and flying fish

graffiti art paris france girl fish

Prague, Czech Republic – a serious profile

graffiti art profile czech republic prague

Prague – a strange church head

graffiti art czech republic prague church man

Prague – roller coaster made of tanks

graffiti art czech republic prague tanks

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Colorful district

graffiti art rio de janeiro brazil colorful district

Rio de Janeiro – stair portrait

graffiti pictures rio de janeiro brazil portrait

Santiago, Chile – Carnival

graffiti pictures santiago chile mask carnival

Santiago – colorful South America

graffiti pictures santiago chile south america

Sao Paulo, Brazil – colorful face

graffiti pictures sao paulo brazil colorful face

Sao Paulo – ornate bird

graffiti pictures sao paulo brazil bird

Valpasairo, Chile – the piano stairs

graffiti pictures valpasairo chile piano stairs

Valpasairo – artistically painted stairs

graffiti pictures valpasairo chile stairs