modern sculptures butterflies

Modern sculptures from books

 Thick old books are magical and mystical. Whenever I take a book like this in my hand, I feel something special, inexplicable. A great source of wisdom and imagination is hidden there waiting to be discovered. The moment when you wipe a layer of dust from the surface of the book with your hand, like in a fairy tale film, is particularly magical.

Yes, old books are very fascinating. Here we are showing you a different kind of fascination with old books. Some artists have come up with the idea of ​​mastering modern sculptures from old, thick books.

These are real works of art that open up wonderful worlds in three dimensions. Here you will see well-known scenes from fairy tales, as well as well-known fantasy characters, flowers, insects, encyclopedias and a hot air balloon. Everything looks so unreal and at the same time so tangible. Take a look at all of these fairytale sculptures and be mesmerized.

Modern sculptures – Alice in Wonderland

3d modern art alice in wonderland

Abstract art

modern art abstract

3D anatomy from an old book

modern art anatomical

Colorful and lively

modern art from book

Colorful with fish

modern art from books

Book Art – Anissame

modern art flower from books

Charon and the world of dreams

modern art charon boat

The little mermaid

modern art the little mermaid

The little match seller

modern art the little match seller

Old encyclopedia

modern sculptures encyclopedia

Inviting little house

modern sculptures house garden

Hot air balloon from the old book

modern sculptures hot air balloon

A strange kingdom of insects

modern sculptures insects

Grandiose landscapes

modern sculptures landscapes mountains

Colorful work of art Meyers

modern sculptures meyers

Comfortable home library

modern sculpture paper furnishing

Filigree and three-dimensional

modern sculptures paper carving


modern sculptures portraits

Scenes of pride and prejudice

modern art pride and prejudice

A fun tea party

modern art tea party

Thesaurus in orange and white

modern art thesaurus

A translucent vocabulary book

modern art thesaurus book

Encyclopedia in Pictures

modern art world treasure

A comfortable reading corner

modern art living room