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Ralph Gibson and the work of famous photographers

If you want to get to know the work of modern photographers, don’t miss Ralph Gibson. He is characterized by a very successful, meanwhile 60-year career. He doesn’t seem to be done with what he can give the world at all.

With photographers like Ralph Gibson In the first place, one must not be tempted to look at everything through the prisms of stereotypes. What does that mean in his case? Don’t be in too much of a hurry to call him a fine art photographer. Because there is nothing incomprehensible, abstract or elitist in his works, so it is not only meant for people who “really understand something”. The motifs and ideas are surprisingly close to the perceptions of the general public.

Ralph Gibson on the shoot

famous photographer Ralph Gibson at the shooting

The viewer recognizes himself again in the way in which he deals with really “small” things. Because we’ll do that again. This is also an occasion to ask yourself what are the really important “little” things in our lives. Most of us can almost certainly identify with his most famous Leica series of digits.

Touching moments

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The collaboration of Ralph Gibson with other photographers

After leaving the fleet returns Ralph Gibson back to LA. But shortly afterwards he moves to San Francisco. His training begins there. Dorothea Lang contacts his department at this time and asks for a talented assistant. Ralph Gibson is recommended. Then the collaboration between the two photographers begins.

Black and white photography

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Another “photographer couple” is Ralph Gibson and Robert Frank. He assists this at a later stage in his career. He repeatedly emphasizes the importance of these two people for his development. You made him never look at his work as a routine. They also helped him to keep changing his point of view to photography and objects. Its development became more dynamic and produced much better results.

famous photographer ralph gibson bangkok

Ralf Gibson found his own way and character, which sets him apart from the other photographers

Working with the two photographers mentioned above makes it obvious that Ralph Gibson dedicates himself to documentation in his work. But that doesn’t happen. He goes his own way. In turn, he wanted to use photography to give meaning to the moments and details in life that are often viewed as too small and not so essential.

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It is also a question of self-observation, which has to answer the question: “How does my perception become a topic in my life or in my works?”. The main benefit of doing this seems to be the fact that he never has to wait for a big event to work.

famous photographer Ralph Gibson black and white photography

The numeric chamber and the comfortable life

Throughout his career, Ralph is guided by finding out how exactly his perception of things and those of the viewer relate to one another. That is why Ralph, unlike many other photographers, does not like to talk about his favorite photograph. But he admits that he does have one. It is an unnamed photograph of a priest. At first glance, it looks like a simple portrait. On closer inspection you find out that it shows a strict, geometry-dominated structure that is really typical of Ralph.

Ralph Gibson’s Camera Leica M Monochrome

famous photographer Ralph Gibson camera Leica M Monochrom

The model also in red

photographers Ralph Gibson camera Leica M Monochrom

New projects and challenges


Boy with baguettes 

Photographers Ralph Gibson photo boy with baguettes