Do you want to have a place at home where you can relax regardless of the weather and season and watch the surrounding nature? Perhaps you already have a covered porch or conservatory. Then you will definitely like our next tips for the design of this resting place. In this article we want to show you how you can use a few simple tricks to transform the veranda into an inviting and relaxing meeting place for family and friends. There you can enjoy the tranquility in solitude or invite good friends and relatives to a glass of wine. The veranda can also be a popular meeting place for the whole family, where people often chat or dine together. Are you already curious to read our design tips further? Stay tuned to find out more!

When the weather is good, you like to spend a lot of time on the covered veranda.

Veranda wicker chair dining table

The covered porch is mainly used to expand any living area outside. It also enables a seamless transition to the garden. In most cases it is attached to the main building of the house. So that it looks inviting in every season of the year, you need a lot of sun and light. That is why the veranda is built on the south or west side of the house, rarely facing east.

The north is usually cold and windy, and there is generally not much sunshine there, so a north-facing veranda would not be a good choice.

 A sunny veranda is always inviting.

Sunny veranda

  • The covered veranda should be glazed or open?

The answer to this question depends on your design concept. A covered porch is very appropriate when you have good weather most of the year. Then you could spend many cozy hours there in all seasons with friends and family. A glazed veranda would be suitable for regions with harsh climates. However, it is important that the windows of the glazed veranda can be screened off in summer. Then the glaring summer sun won’t bother you even in the hot afternoon hours, so you can read or drink coffee outdoors. It is also very important that the glazing can be opened. Foldable windows on the veranda are particularly important in the warm months. They enable the glazed veranda to be transformed from closed and sheltered from the wind to open and airy in the shortest possible time. In addition, you feel like you are in the middle of nature and at the same time have the desired seating comfort.

 Here you feel like you are in the living room and enjoy a lot of light, warmth and comfort!

Living on the glassed-in porch living room outside

  • What kind of furniture will fit on the glazed veranda?

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a lot of porch space. You could create an oasis of calm and serenity even on a small area. You will find excellent sets for outdoor use in specialist shops. Any of these would look great on your glass-enclosed porch. Of course, you can also place pieces of furniture made of wood or metal on your veranda if they better suit your design concept. However, our tip is: choose seating furniture that goes well with the style of the veranda and meets your taste at the same time. Perhaps you are considering wicker furniture. These offer perfect seating comfort, are easy to move and match any furnishing style. To make your glazed veranda even more inviting and comfortable, you can get cozy decorative pillows for the seating furniture. These are distributed here and there and bring a playful touch to the veranda. A floor lamp and a couple of candlesticks complete the look.

 Furniture made of wood and wicker baskets go wonderfully on any veranda with a vintage flair.

Veranda furniture made of wood

 If you want it easier, choose wrought iron outdoor furniture.

Porch dining area furniture

 Create a real summer atmosphere on the veranda with furniture, accessories and colors and enjoy every minute there!

Maritime flair Veranda comfortable furniture

  • Colors, decoration &Co. on the covered porch

Every homeowner wants to turn their glassed or covered porch into the perfect place to relax. Colors and decoration are decisive design aspects that determine the overall look of the veranda. Seat cushions in warm colors and decorative items as accents are welcome there. These can bring a maritime flair to the veranda, as can be seen in the next picture.

The holiday feeling is dominant here, candles and lanterns enhance the romantic aura.

Veranda atmosphere candles lanterns

 You can set wonderful accents with orange decorative pillows or beautiful cut flowers.

Veranda wooden furniture blue seat cushions orange decorative cushions

 Striking orange accents give this veranda additional warmth. Geometric shapes and print patterns on the seating furniture go wonderfully together with the rectangular table made of light wood. This makes this outdoor area warm, cozy and inviting. But if you prefer neutral colors, then you can allow yourself a few bright accents, right?

The predominantly neutral ambience is broken up by colorful decorative pillows.

Neutral ambience, colorful decorative pillows

 This narrow porch is the perfect extension of the living area, or?

Dining table benches wood two armchairs sitting area

 Lots of green plants in flower pots or boxes complete the natural look of the veranda.

green plants flower pots boxes natural atmosphere

The veranda is the undisputed transition between inside and outside. That’s why it has to be decorated accordingly. Green plants in beautiful pots are a must here. These ensure more freshness on the veranda and are in visual harmony with the green of your garden. So you can enjoy the colors of nature at any time. If you also have a vase with beautiful garden flowers on the table, you will enhance the natural flair on the veranda.

 It is also colorful! Flowering plants bring a fresh and somewhat playful note.

Colorful verandas create green

Follow these design tips just described and set up the perfect place for relaxation and cozy get-togethers. The Freshideen editorial team wishes you lots of fun and success!

Pure nature on the veranda – wood and wicker furniture are must-haves here

 Pure nature, covered veranda, wicker furniture, must-haves

 Even a small veranda can be stylishly and very comfortably furnished.

Small porch cushions flowers two white armchairs wood

Enjoy absolute peace outside and feel nature up close

open veranda sitting comfortably nature

 Treat yourself to more comfort on the covered veranda!

Covered veranda spacious, airy, stylishly furnished, lots of comfort

 Set up a cozy, summery outdoor dining area!

Narrow porch seating area two armchairs

The right oasis of well-being for the whole family looks like this!

Covered veranda spacious airy stylish oasis of well-being family friends

 Small details, big impact!

Covered porch comfortable sofa dining table chairs metal

Discover the pleasure of sitting on the veranda and watching nature.

Sunny veranda wood furniture ideas

 The perfect place for relaxation and cozy get-togethers with family and friends.

Covered veranda perfect place to relax