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So you can plant the balcony and take the light there into account

Not all people can enjoy a lot of green in their own home. Not all of them have the opportunity and the space to allow individual green cascades and perhaps also bushes and trees to flourish.

But if you have the option of planting your balcony, then by all means do so.

Do not be put off by possible restrictions and narrow spaces. You can always make something out of it. Thank goodness, balcony planting can serve many different purposes.

You can put the plants in, maybe to use them as decoration. Or you can create a vertical garden that will also give a lot of fruit over time.

We have discussed this topic several times. Today we prefer to talk more about how you should deal with plants on balconies with regard to the light.

Plant shady balconies

balcony plants tin pots rattan chairs

Do you have little light on your terrace? Do not despair! This is absolutely not a problem if you choose the right method of planting. We have three specific proposals for you today. Begonias are a very successful choice in this case. You can plant them in small containers and place them on window sills and balcony scaffolding.

Balsaminas are also a very popular solution

balcony plants balcony plants balsamina

They can withstand shadows, but they must be protected from wind and cold.

Camellias can also be used in shady gardens

balcony plants camellias

However, you would need to keep the ventilation and moisture around them.

Plant a sunny balcony

balcony plants balcony plants iron railing

Now let’s talk about the contrast. Many plants do not love excessive light. You have to choose appropriate types so that they can be there to enjoy in the long run.

The first suggestion that we think you should consider is the geraniums

balcony plants balcony plants pink geraniums

You can attach these to the grilles of the balcony or in small containers and pots there as well.

Petunias are also a very good choice when it comes to planting from a sunny balcony

balcony plants balcony plants petunias

But in this case they definitely need to be protected from the draft.

Perhaps you want to plant tulips on your sunny balcony?

balcony plants balcony plants tulips

If this is the case, then why not combine many different shades of color. This will surely bring a great treat for your soul.

Also consider the roses

balcony plants balcony plants roses red

If you plant these wonderfully fragrant flowers on your balcony, you will also be able to combine many different nuances. Good tip is to combine these all and let them bloom at different times. For the winter you should have some evergreen bushes ready.

Terraces with sun and shade

balcony plants balcony plants pansy primroses

Sometimes you also have to plant balconies that are partially exposed and partially shaded. There are also very good options for these special cases.

In the first place it’s about the hydrangeas

balcony plants hydrangeas

However, you have to protect them from the strongest sun and excessive drafts of air.

Fuchsias are also a very popular choice in such situations

balcony planting fuchsias

They can be positioned in rows on different levels of the verandas.

Laurel is our absolute favorite choice for balcony planting this season

balcony plants balcony plants laurel

However, dry and strong winds could be very harmful to this type of plant.

Mediterranean-style balcony with colorful plants

balcony plants balcony plants old building

An unmistakable, Asian aftertaste

  balcony plants balcony plants bamboo

Boxwood and olive trees

Planting the balcony planting the balcony boxwood

The balcony is also suitable for a small herb or vegetable garden

balcony plants balcony plants vegetables culinary herbs

Or even for a bigger one …

balcony plants balcony plants herbs vegetables

A drinks trolley as a flower stand

balcony plants balcony plants herbs mobile

Magnificent and colorful

balcony plants balcony plants pink pink

The delicate roses correspond perfectly with the patterns on the pillows

balcony plants balcony plants roses

Southern flair when having breakfast

Planting on the balcony sheet metal watering cans

Colorful planters for the green plants

balcony planting colorful pebbles pebbles

A sophisticated vertical solution for your culinary herbs

balcony planting colorful plant pots herb garden

A purple flower waterfall

balcony planting exotic pink

Braided baskets give your balcony that certain something

Wicker baskets and metal chairs on the balcony

Another variant of the plant stand

balcony planting green plants

Quaint with bonsai

balcony planting hanging plants bonsai

 Relax for two

balcony planting wood armchair dark brown

Fresh basil and delicious cherry tomatoes straight from your own balcony!

balcony planting herbs tomatoes

Less can also be more

balcony planting palm birch trees

Eclectic and modern at the same time

balcony plants palm lavender

A little piece of paradise at home

balcony plants palm lounger

You can mount the plant pots directly on the wall

balcony plants rattan sofa round

A vertical garden is always chic

balcony planting seat cushions vertical garden green plants

Succulents and dahlias – an unusual duo

balcony plants succulent dahlias

Use every free inch

balcony planting tagetes geraniums

Breakfast a la Provence

balcony plants potted plants breakfast

Create a piece of the Far East on your balcony

balcony planting tropical plants pebbles

Colorful shades always raise the mood

balcony plants turquoise cushions sofa

For a great zen feeling

balcony planting yucca bambaus zen

Everything arranged beautifully vertically

balcony planting yucca geraniums hanging plants