table decoration wood garden table dining table chairs garden furniture

Wooden garden table in the outdoor area

I love entertaining my friends. But outside, my enthusiasm diminishes a little. For many years in a row, I keep using the same hurricane lanterns and only exchange the candles in them. When it comes to seating settings, I just use our everyday table deck again.

The only limiting factor is the fact that the large plates are absolutely unsuitable for the small piece of furniture outside.

My checkbook certainly reflects my frugal approach. But my deck for outside certainly doesn’t provide great entertainment. That’s why I decided on a different strategy this year. I cover up depending on the season.

I already have 8 ideas that I want to try this year and here they are!

I use a perennial plant box as an eye-catcher. It is full of organic elements that reflect the design of the outdoor area.

These rural plant containers are full of succulents and make a great option. They still require minimal watering. You can also leave them outside on cold spring nights and you won’t have to refresh them in between.

Great outdoor party table

wood garden table dining table chairs garden furniture

Edibles combine wonderfully with dramatic, minimalist, black and white tables. Vintage-inspired plaza settings and simple cutlery make this wooden garden table appear casual and sophisticated at the same time.

These great napkin rings are perfect for Memorial Day BBQ. At this time, the birds singing serves as a natural soundtrack.

Festive table decorations on the beautiful garden table

table decoration metal garden table dining table chairs garden furniture

Did you also notice how the Spallina interiors changed the textures on this garden table? The ironworks look great next to the artfully arranged shop shells and the etched jam jars.

When summer is filled with flowers, I want to quickly exchange the plant container for a flower vase. In this case I will look at this picture again as a model beforehand. I will arrange the plants in layers on my table. I’ll also play with their highs to create a lush and cohesive image at the table. It would be ideal for a dinner.

Dinner in a romantic atmosphere

table top wood garden table dining table wooden chairs garden furniture runner stripe pattern

Here you can see a table with a built-in fireplace. Here you can have wonderful dinners with romantic lights. It would also be an occasion to even keep the dessert in the menu.

Garden table with a built-in fireplace

garden table dining table chairs outdoor furniture decorative fireplace

Not everyone has such a garden table. Yet you could create a dramatic effect with a fire pit on the table.

I love to have a beach feeling. This can also be achieved just by serving fresh fish from the grill. I was inspired by this house in Hampton. The color of these bamboo lanterns immediately attracted attention, while the summery turquoise napkins and candles invite guests to the table.

Beach feeling in your own garden

table decorations candles rattan garden table dining table wooden chairs garden furniture runner stripe pattern

I think it’s great when the guests help themselves. But I also think it’s good if the name tags are used to designate the food on the table.

Practical and colorfully covered

wood garden table metal legs dining table chairs rattan garden furniture

This picture inspires me to hang colored lanterns over the service area and to reuse the old storm lamps as a salad bowl for summer gatherings.

The repetition of elements and colors help make a long table look uniform. I like the idea of ​​using organic materials like fruits and flowers to reflect the seasons.

Garden table made of solid wood

rustic table decoration wood garden table dining table chairs garden furniture

See how every bowl of apples here is flanked by a bouquet of flowers? Using odd numbers helps to create a balanced appearance.

What does your dream decoration look like? Would you like to enrich your farm for spring or summer with one of our ideas?