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How to organize a small bathroom in a very functional way

Believe it or not, one can little one bath look very wide and practical. You just need to be able to organize this functionally well. Practical thinking is all the rage here. Here are our tips on how to do it.

Set accents in the small bathroom

bathroom ideas small bathroom dark interior bathroom mirror

Lighting can help the small space look bigger

small bathroom sink vanity unit white

A big mirror

The large mirror is now such a widespread means of visually enlarging space that it hardly needs to be explained. But if you have not tried the effect yet, we want to promise you that you can use it to create wonders in a small bathroom. You should also use other mirror surfaces in order to continue to achieve this.

Bathroom mirror without frame

small bathroom bathroom mirror decoration items deco ideas

Functional oval mirror

small bathroom bathroom mirror oval shape

The bathroom door must open outwards

Few people realize what a huge difference this makes. In your small bathroom, the opposite of opening inwards would take up far too much of the available space.

Use the space under the sink

You have a lot of space under the sink. When designing a small bathroom, you should definitely include a closet there. You can put some great tools there.

Different things can be stored under the sink

bathroom ideas small bathroom sink cabinet scharnk mirror

Nice combination of white and light blue

Small bathroom set up white light blue vanity unit

Small bathroom with window

bathroom ideas small bathroom white bathtub dark floor tiles

Design the small bathroom in a suitable shade

small bathroom vanity unit light brown bathroom mirror

Position the shower in the corner

Is the bathtub an absolute necessity in your family? If not, plan a little more space and position your shower in the corner. This is much more economical and you will still have enough space to move freely. If you still insist on a bathtub, then this would have to be combined with a shower.

Separate the shower with a glass wall

bathroom ideas small bathroom shower white sink

Put on the light nuances

In addition to the mirror surfaces, these are the second means that can contribute to the visual enlargement of the room. In this context, the brightness of the room is also of fundamental importance.

Bathroom in white is a classic

bathroom ideas small bathroom white interior fresh

Blue for the small bathroom

bathroom ideas small bathroom light blue wall color white furnishings

Fill all possible areas with shelves

As a rule, you also have a lot of vertical space available in the bathroom. So use it and stow as many things as possible there. You will not miss anything in everyday care.

Bathroom furnishings in stark shades

bathroom ideas small bathroom bathroom furniture set fresh color

Let the towels hang

You don’t have to hide the towels somewhere. Let this hang. In this way you save storage space and decoratively spice up your room.

Elegant bathroom mirrors make the bathroom appear more stylish

small bathroom oval mirror beautiful frame elegant

Design the small room with light tiles

bathroom ideas small bathroom bathtub shower light bathroom tiles