Wood is back on trend. Gone are the days of the brightly colored plastic chairs and bare metal cupboards. More and more people are opting for the natural look in their home. Wood elements are particularly popular for the bathroom. Wood means warmth and at the same time radiates strength and calm. However, there are a few points that you should definitely consider when you choose wooden cabinets or window frames made from the natural material.

Wood – trend material for many areas of application

There is hardly an area in the bathroom where wood cannot be used – there are no limits to your own creativity. There are wooden-framed mirrors and wooden cabinets for storing towels and cosmetics. There are wooden holders for the toilet paper and even sinks made of real wood. Even toilet bowls are often clad in wood, at least on the outside.

Windows with elegant, high-quality wooden frames give the bathroom a very special character. Wooden frames are particularly effective on skylights – and not only when the sunlight shines through the window. If you want to equip your own bathroom with such windows, you should take into account the special requirements that exist for bathroom furnishings. Please also note the information on wooden roof windows that you can obtain from leading manufacturers. They are there to advise you even before you buy and give you valuable tips on how to handle wooden elements. Velset recommends “when processing wooden frames, to deal with the natural material beforehand and to check every part carefully for processing errors, cracks and cracks.” Because wood is a magnet for mold and must therefore be treated with care.

Correctly care for wooden floors in the bathroom washbasin

Wood and moisture – caution is advised here

If you want to use wood as a material for your own bathroom, you should exercise caution. Badly sealed or poorly processed wood poses a risk of mold – and Eliminate mold in the wood, is a real challenge. Wood can be the perfect breeding ground for pathogenic molds.

The substances contained in this material such as cellulose or lignin can be metabolized by fungi and serve as a welcome breeding ground for spores and mold.

Bathroom with wooden furniture washbasin with drawers and shelves

Window frames in wood look – plastic as an adequate substitute for wood?

If wood is so sensitive and susceptible to external influences, why shouldn’t you just use plastic frames with a wood look? Plastic is robust, weatherproof and durable. It’s easy to clean and less prone to mold. Well-made frames can actually give the impression that they are made of real wood.

There is definitely the option of choosing plastic frames as an alternative to wood and many people choose to do so. Ultimately, however, it depends on the individual taste, because both materials have advantages.

Caring for the bathroom with wood wall cladding

Wooden skylights and sinks: a question of quality and maintenance

If you don’t want to choose the plastic alternative and value real wood, you should only choose the best quality. Because the material is crucial, especially in the bathroom. This applies to wooden floor mats and accessories as well as wooden cabinets, sinks and window frames. In addition, the woods should be cared for regularly in order to be able to last really long. Whether impregnating wood oils or film-forming lacquers – the protective layer ensures that the material lasts longer and can even give it a particularly elegant look.

Overall, wood is a real eye-catcher in the bathroom. It gives the otherwise cool wet room a lot more naturalness and warmth. Wood transforms the bathroom into a space of relaxation and tranquility.

 bathroom with wood furniture vanity cabinet cupboards