innovative wooden bathtub, original design, ergonomically designed

Modern wooden bathtub from Alegna

The furniture made of natural wood gives the interior a warm touch and incomparable exclusivity. As a rectangular piece of material, the wood could be used in bathroom furnishings. You can replace the traditional bathtub with this whimsical wooden tub. Such a design is not only appropriate for the home, but also fits well in hotel rooms, wellness areas, saunas or in the corner of a private bathroom.

Enjoy the opportunity to own an amazing work of art and an ergonomic bathtub at the same time.

In today’s photo series we present the extraordinary shape and structure of Alegna specially designed for your bathroom.

This built-in bathtub shows a smooth surface and a peculiar design

Modern wooden bathtub with original design bathroom furnishings

Really exceptional in dark wood by Alegna

innovative wooden bathtub original design dark surface

Minimalist interior with wooden surfaces

Modern wooden bathtub with original design shower cabin black wall

  Especially suitable for moments of relaxation in the bathroominnovative wooden bathtub original design innovative

Wall shelves hold the bathroom utensils

Modern wooden bathtub with original design and innovative built-in

Noticeably practical and ergonomically conceived

Modern wooden bathtub with an original design surface

Bathtub in dark brown wood

innovative wooden bathtub original design faucet smooth