Do you know what trends are currently shaping bathroom furnishings? Sustainability and easy-care character are a high priority. Various materials and combinations thereof can be used. However, the simple and uniform character should be retained. Relaxation and a cozy charisma are further features that one cannot do without at all. Now we are going to write about designer washbasins that show origami shapes. How does a wash basin fit into modern bathroom trends? Let’s find out together!

A single accent washbasin in the middle of the room would be a very modern design solution

accent in the room design washbasin

Design washbasins as an accent in the simple bathroom furnishings

The simple bathroom furnishings are only modern if they are also full of character. It often lives from the accents in the room. A origami-The vanity or wash basin can fulfill this function. This is exactly what we discover as a concept in the picture above. There we have a free-standing washbasin, which with its bold character and the corresponding effect fills the whole room with atmosphere.

Design washbasins in origami shape are easy to care for and effective

design sink double idea

Easy-care, yet original shapes

The origami shapes are very artistic, but at the same time they are good from a practical point of view because they can be cleaned relatively easily despite some tricky corners. Because of this, they are very popular among modern home residents. Because this way you have a very original design, but you still get along very well with the cleaning. See the example in the photo above this text. The design of this double washbasin is stylish and discreet, but at the same time very strong in terms of its effect.

The simple but artful origami washbasins correspond well with a natural design

design sink a very bright room

Origami ideas for other design elements in the bathroom

Design washbasins that interpret origami can also be included in other places in the bathroom interior. For example in wall design or in the alignment of other accessories. If this element is used several times, a feeling of uniformity and an upscale character is created. It is certainly worth considering such an idea for bathroom furnishings.

The origami shape is not only suitable for sinks, but also for other accessories and decorations in the room 

design sink floating great

Origami design combined with stylish color palettes

Sink design combined with origami is a very appealing idea in itself. This certainly creates a very upscale effect. If you want to achieve a feeling of luxury in appearance, then you should combine it with a very stylish and upscale color palette. In our examples, people like to combine black and white. One likes to experience a contrast between wooden surfaces and white sanitary facilities.

These washbasins look particularly upscale due to their black and white design

design sink white on black

Homely character

The last argument we want to make for the use of origami design is related to the homely trend in bathroom furnishings. The artistic shapes immediately dispel the feeling that you are dealing with a purely functional space. A modern bathroom has a very homely character and thanks to origami shapes you can achieve this fairly easily. Would these also be suitable for your bathroom design?

Wooden washbasin and origami washbasin – a gorgeous combination

design the sink like a sheet of paper

The origami sinks go well with a wide variety of styles

design sink like a work of art

Even when small, an origami sink is always a great accent

small sink design sink

Origami washbasins in combination with the great and modern metallic colors

great asymmetry design sink

Another simple but very modern design solution

white sculpture design sink