We all know this from our own experience: a successful working day actually begins before the wardrobe in the bedroom is properly organized. Questions like: “What should I wear today?” Or “I have nothing suitable in my closet again” spoil your mood and you could start the new day in a slightly negative mood. That shouldn’t be, because the morning routines have to breathe joy in life and enthusiasm for work. So that you can find the right outfit for yourself every morning in no time at all, you need a good overview of all the things in the bedroom closet. It might sound a little unrealistic or over-idealistic to you, but it can be done. Just follow these clever tips and you will create more order in your wardrobe! This can help you tremendously to start each new day successfully. And then you can feel the difference yourself.

 A walk-in closet where everything is tidy

walk-in closet best order

Tip 1: Everything has to be out first, then it is sorted out!

For most people, this rule works very well. If there is a lot of clutter in your closet, that helps! Take all the things out of the closet and stack them right on top of the biden. Then you need to start sorting out.

Everything that no longer suits you or is already out of style has to go! Yes, we know, nobody likes to part with their own things. Many people even find it painful when they throw away their favorite items. But that is a necessity and you have to accept it as well. The old, no longer usable items of clothing make space for new, trendy things that you can indulge in. You sure want to look stylish in the new fashion season, right??

 Hangers, drawers, compartments and boxes help enormously to create order in the wardrobe.

Only after you have sorted out old clothes do you now have more space and can bring better order to your wardrobe. Re-sorting is just as time-consuming as sorting out, but you gradually find a certain joy in tidying up your bedroom closet. Some gold rules apply here. First, you can outsource everything according to textures, colors or depending on the season. The second principle for more order in the wardrobe says: trousers to trousers, shirts to shirts, sweaters to sweaters, etc. But you need a larger closet so that you have all the clothes for the four seasons in one place. Usually things are sorted according to the season – we need autumn and winter clothes now, that is, they have to stand or hang in the closet every day and ready to hand. But in March we have to sort out again and classify our spring and summer clothes. Assuming you have an additional cupboard where you can keep what is currently unusable for months.

So you have a good overview of the things in the bedroom closet

Overview of tidy wardrobe

Tip 2: What creates more order in the wardrobe?

These are small but valuable helpers that create more order in the wardrobe. First and foremost, these are the tried and tested coat hangers. You can use massive and wide wooden hangers and if there is not enough space, you can use narrow plastic or metal hangers. Do not forget that there are also special trouser hangers in the specialist shops, on which you can hang the trousers very clearly, depending on the fabric and color. If you really have a knack for keeping your wardrobe tidy, then opt for smaller and larger boxes. There you can store a lot of small items – from towels to thongs! But the drawers are the perfect solution for your underwear, there you will always find enough space for panties and bras, well-folded and tidy they are just waiting to be taken out. You don’t have to go through the whole closet for little things, do you?

 Everything in its place! So there is order in the wardrobe!

Good overview of the wardrobe

Tip 3: Cleanliness and order always go hand in hand, even in the wardrobe

Yes, we want to emphasize that too – don’t underestimate the cleanliness of your wardrobe! There are various deodorants available in specialist shops that you can use in the cupboard. Everyone will be happy when a fresh scent of lavender comes out when the cabinet door is opened. You also need an effective moth repellent to be on the safe side, so that the little creatures have no place at all in your well-organized wardrobe.

 Lavender scent and moth protection are also necessary in the walk-in closet

walk-in closet lavender scented moth repellent

Follow our clever tips and save yourself a lot of time and nerves every day! Organize extra storage space for your shoes, handbags, ties and much more. Do you use e.g. B. Vacuum pockets for winter clothes and you can store them to save space. Just create the best order in your clothing universe and you will feel confident and satisfied!

Draw further inspiration from our series of images to use the available space in the wardrobe correctly and to perform miracles in keeping things tidy. Our editorial team would like to wish you this!

Organize your clothes based on texture, color, or season!

Clothes on hangers

 A well-organized shoe rack looks like this

Schuregal well organized

A clothes rail is a modern solution for small apartments

Clothes storage in small apartments

Clothes rail modern solution

 A walk-in closet is a dream of many people

Order in the walk-in closet

 Maintain the best overview of your garments and save yourself nerves and time!

Wardrobe overview order

 A sliding door is the perfect solution to protect all clothes from dust

Sliding door wardrobe corridor

You have to classify the men’s shirts and T-shirts separately

Men's shirts t-shirts

 Use the attic as an extra space for clothes and ironing.

Ironing attic dressing room