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Northern Feng Shui bedroom – bringing the five elements of nature into motion in the right area

question: How to use Feng Shui to furnish a north bedroom?

Please help, how should I use feng shui to decorate a north facing bedroom? In my opinion, I should use skin tones and earth tones for good feng shui, but the earth feng shui element in the north is not good.

Is that right? On the other hand, the water Feng Shui element in the bedroom facing north is not suitable either.

Elegant Bedroom Design – Northern Feng Shui Bedroom

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answer: We understand your confusion, you bring up a very good Feng Shui question, thanks for that.

After defining the bagua of your home, you could often, in a short amount of time, find a Feng Shui dilemma on how to furnish and decorate a specific area of ​​your home.

You know, in order for you to create a more harmonious energy at home, you need to strengthen Feng Shui elements required in specific Bagua areas.

So, for example, you would bring plants in (the Wood Feng Shui Element), and a source of water (Water Feng Shui Element) in the eastern area of ​​your bagua to boost the energy that needed to maintain good health and family harmony.

Cozy and comfortable bedroom

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However, if you have a north facing bedroom, you could use more intricate or subtle feng shui ideas for decorating. A feng shui bedroom in the north is often more challenging than the water feng shui element – must be constrained in a good feng shui bedroom.

Dark but cozy bedroom design – soft fabrics and textures

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So what can you do? Here are easy and practical Feng Shui tips for a bedroom facing north.

Bring black and white colors to your bedroom and place it in a visually pleasing arrangement. Be sure the pictures are suitable for the bedroom.

 Feng Shui tips to choose bedroom theme and style

 Feng Shui reason: Black is the color of the water Feng Shui element and white is the color of the metal Feng Shui element; Both elements and colors are very nourishing for the Northern Feng Shui Bagua area.

Beautiful, stylish colors and textures brighten and beautify the room design

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Opt for predominantly white / cream / soft, gray colors in your bedroom with fine, warm earth, wood and fire Feng Shui accents. For example, you can add warm red or chocolate-brown pillows, but not have red or chocolate-brown colors on the wall. You need to avoid strong earth, fire, and wood elements in a northern bedroom.

Feng shui reason: The earth, fire and wood feng shui elements will weaken the energy of water feng shui in your north bedroom.

Set in a nice mirror to let more natural light flow into the bedroom. Make sure that the mirror is not facing the bed or the front door. Opt for a circular (metal feng shui element shape) or an oval mirror.

Comfortable and simply furnished bedroom furnishings

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Feng shui reason: A well-adjusted mirror will strengthen the required water Feng Shui element without draining good energy from your bedroom.

Avoid the following shapes in your north bedroom: square (earth feng shui element), rectangular (wood feng shui element) or triangular (fire feng shui element. This applies to your furniture, such as the bed and headboard, wardrobe, bedside tables, Bedding and textures.

Dominant purple color in the room

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Feng Shui reason: As we mentioned earlier, the colors as well as earth, wood, fire Feng Shui elements weaken the water Feng Shui energy in your north bedroom.

Finally: You can go a step further and find many creative solutions to every Feng Shui dilemma you face. Make sure you understand the interplay of the five elements of Feng Shui. Armed with this knowledge, you are sure to bring good energy into your home!

Arrange your bedroom according to the Feng Shui rules

northern feng shui bedroom ideas plan

1. You need solid headboard

2. Choose the right mattress

3. Make sure it is high enough

4. Place the bed diagonally across from the door, but not in line with the door

5. Solid retaining wall behind the bed is important

6. Keep grounding and balanced energy in the room

7. Place your bed away from the walls where there are electrical appliances

 Plans and Drafts – Bagua Feng Shui Rules and Advice

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