"If you don’t sleep well, you can’t be really happy either!" 

Good sleep is very important for our body as well as for our psyche. Because it has happened to each of us not to have slept well and we know exactly how we feel during the day afterwards. For the most part, the choice of bedding plays a decisive role. Today we would like to address a few aspects that should help you choose the right bedding.

bedding for healthy sleep

The most important bedding items that make a good night’s sleep

First and foremost, the mattress, pillow, bed linen and duvet ensure a good night’s sleep. These should not only be chosen visually, but one should also think about personal needs and illnesses: allergies, back pain, etc. The substances are also another important point. These not only help you to have a healthy sleep, they also ensure a real feeling of comfort in bed. at www.bettentrend.de we have found a wide range of all important bedding products. Here you can find the best for you online.

choose the right bedding and duvets

The mattress

You don’t change the mattress every year. Therefore you should choose them carefully. In addition to ergonomics and workmanship, one should also pay attention to the ecological aspects that natural and gentle materials guarantee. You can safely rely on the mattresses that have been awarded the Stiftung Warentest and Öko-Test certification.

The pillows

The pillow is perhaps the most important thing that contributes to a good night’s sleep. The strength and support of the pillow depend directly on the filling material. In addition to being cozy, it should optimally protect the neck during sleep. It is therefore important to choose a pillow that is appropriate for your sleeping position.

Choose nice bed linen and sleep well


When it comes to bed linen, the fabrics are very important. Not all are suitable for every season. Beaver and flannel are z. B. the absolute favorites for winter, while Renforce, Linon and Seersucker ensure temperature equalization in the warm season. There are also all-rounders, such as satin and silk bed linen. We would recommend Jersey for allergy sufferers. This fabric is also pretty easy to iron.

The duvets

Even with the duvets there are summer and winter blankets. These differ in thickness and material. The down comforters are advisable in those cases, if you are not allergic. These are particularly light and regulate the moisture in bed very well. The four-season blankets are recommended, because they consist of two parts and can be separated from one another depending on the heat requirement.

So, make the best choice of bedding and get a comfortable and healthy sleep!

  healthy sleep with the right bedding