great platform beds made of wood

10 Large Impressive Platform Beds – Sweet Dreams!

At the end of a long week there is nothing as pleasant as falling into an oversized, super-comfortable bed and seeking refuge there until Monday morning. There is something invigorating in lying around all weekend long without worrying about homework, commitments, deadlines, and the world out there in general.

Today’s depiction of platform beds represents a compilation of large wooden masterpieces that are worth jumping into and staying for a while.

The modern Interni bed by Rossetto

large impressive platform beds rossetto legs

The platform bed with storage space – Capri Modern

large impressive platform beds wood storage room

Barcelona Bamboo Platform Bed from Basics Underneath

big cool platform beds wood frame

Platform bed made from sustainable firewood by Rob R Raylarge-impressive-platform-beds-wood-rob-r-ray  Modern platform bed from LAX Serieslarge comfortable platform beds lax series

Diamond bed of Rossetto USA designed

great platform beds rossetto USA

White upholstered platform bed by Rossetto

large attractive platform beds rossetto white upholstered

The Nini platform bed from Viesso

large impressive platform beds viesso

Vintage platform bed from Viva Terra

large wonderful platform beds Viva terra butterflies