The typical, traditional hotels can be cozy and hospitable, but V8 hotel in Stuttgart is simply great. Everything there is related to the cars. Just take a look at the pictures below!

The front desk seems ordinary, but there is a Morgan in green parked across the street.

What a welcome is that! Behind it we see wooden wall painting, which is not the only one here. Let’s continue with the guest rooms – choose from car wash, racing room, tuning room, a nostalgic room, gas station, Route 66 …

Luxury car beds

We also see the car theme in the bathrooms, which are decorated with car mirrors and chrome hubcaps. In the hallway we enjoy posters with several classic cars.

A night in the V8 Hotel costs between 155 and 455 euros depending on the accommodation. This information is important for those who want to visit the Porsche and Mercedes museums.

Take a virtual walk in the V8 Hotel, it’s completely free!

Industrial car theme in the guest room

Bright yellow for the wall design

Thematic wall paper in the bathroom

Office table – work corner in the hotel

And the biggest eye-catcher in the hotel

Bright red car paint

Relax comfortably and exceptionally

Double room suitable for a couple in love

Remarkable facade

Shell gas station

Would you spend your vacation here? 

Wall unit with television

Tiger pattern as a wall decoration