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The characteristics of high quality and affordable mattresses


A good night’s sleep is essential. Only those who really wake up rested and well rested the next morning are up to the daily challenges. The choice of mattress is certainly of particular importance, because this takes on in this context a key role.

  After all, people spend around a third of their lives on this sleeping pad.

Numerous providers have a wide variety of products in their portfolio. But it is not easy for consumers to decide – cheap from the supermarket or high-quality and more cost-intensive from specialist shops? What is the difference between high quality and cheap mattresses and, above all, how can this be recognized? The following is useful and worth knowing information on this complex topic.

Differences in quality between high quality and cheap mattresses

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How can cheap mattresses be recognized??

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Top quality can be recognized by external characteristics

First of all, it should be noted that there is no such thing as the perfect mattress. Mattresses are just as individual as people are.

So is exemplary on to read that a high-quality mattress can already be recognized by its external characteristics. Here are some of the features listed as examples

  • Excellent workmanship
  • Multilayer material is shown by the greater thickness of the mattress
  • Flame retardant
  • Use of materials that are harmless to health (especially for allergy sufferers)
  • High volume weight (the higher the volume weight, the higher the longevity is guaranteed)

It is not always possible to distinguish top products from rather inferior quality at first glance, especially in a direct comparison between specialist retailers and specialized online retailers.

Supermarkets, for example, score with lower prices by buying and selling a large number of products. Remnants also fall into this category. However, this says very little about the quality.

The decisive difference between the products is ultimately that the specialist trade has an extensive selection of different mattresses, while this is not the case with the discounters.

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The innerspring is not critical

The differences in quality between high-quality and cheap mattresses are not due to the innerspring. The structure of these cores is essentially the same, although there can of course be considerable differences in this segment as well. In addition, there is another difference in cheap or inferior products, by which the quality can be determined. The cover cannot be removed. Only the outer layer serves here as a functional layer.

The coating of the products and their quality are decisive. Wool or fleece layers are used to provide excellent surface comfort and to allow moisture to be absorbed. Coconut mats, which are woven with horsehair, also allow excellent air circulation. Mattresses that have these layers can therefore be turned over in summer and guarantee a relaxing stay.

In the case of cheaper products from the supermarket, the spring core is often higher, so that at first glance the impression arises that these are high-quality mattresses. The main differentiator however, lies in the missing layers, as they have been incorporated into more expensive sleeping pads. While the high-quality mattresses also have a foam bar on the edge, this is missing in many cases in the products from the discounter.

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Criteria for choosing a mattress

The structure of a mattress and the incorporated raw materials are a criterion with regard to the question of costs. Not everyone is willing or able to buy expensive products. Nevertheless, it is only recommended to consider essential criteria when purchasing, because these are decisive factors for an optimal sleep. Here are a few important points

  • Height and weight
  • The individual sleeping position (predominantly back, side or prone position)
  • Compressive elasticity of the mattress (support of the body)
  • Health aspects (permanent back problems, etc.)
  • Materials used that can be dangerous for allergy sufferers (e.g. animal hair allergy, etc.)

Based on this short list, which refers to the different types of mattresses, it is already clear that many factors contribute to being able to enjoy perfect sleeping comfort. A test lying on the different mattresses

  • Innerspring mattress (classic)
  • Pocket spring mattress (optimized variant)
  • Latex mattress (artificial or natural)
  • Viscose foam mattress
  • Cold foam mattress

is also definitely recommended.

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