cold foam mattress test advantages and practical tips

Advantages and quality features of the cold foam mattress

Cold foam mattresses have long been one of the most popular types of mattresses. This is unlikely to change in the future, because even with the current box spring bed hype, cold foam is already playing a role again at the latest in the topper, i.e. the mattress topper.

These four points summarize what makes cold foam so popular and what speaks in favor of sleeping on it:

1. They are long lasting

Decisive for the longevity of cold foam mattresses are quality features such as a high mattress density and sufficient compression hardness. Both counteract the formation of hollows.

2. They are heat insulating

Contrary to what the name suggests, cold foam mattresses are excellent heat stores. They absorb body heat quickly and for a long time. The temperature in your bedroom can therefore safely be at the recommended fresh 18-19 ° C without you having to freeze at night.

3. They are noiseless

You benefit from this advantage especially if you move around a lot at night. Plus, if your partner turns around, you won’t wake up anytime soon. There are hardly any squeaking and crumpling noises.

 cold foam mattress test advantages tips when buying

4. They are light

Do you keep moving, move frequently, have a strong need for hygiene or frequent visitors? Since cold foam mattresses are made of foam, they only weigh a small fraction of the weight of their competitors compared to water beds, spring core or latex mattresses.

The disadvantage of cold foam mattresses: People who tend to sweat profusely at night should opt for a different material. Because even if cold foam mattresses have good air circulation, which can also be supported by a suitable slatted frame, they primarily store heat – this is rather unfavorable for night owls.

If you are now thinking about switching to a cold foam mattress, you should pay attention to the following quality features in order to actually benefit from the advantages mentioned for a long time.

cold foam mattress test advantages interesting facts

♦ Degree of hardness / compression hardness

Better to think twice about which degree of hardness is right for you. Basically, the heavier you are, the harder your mattress has to be. However, this can only be taken into account as a rule of thumb. The degrees of hardness of the various mattress manufacturers are not standardized, so that a test bed is usually indispensable. Extended trial sleep days are therefore often offered in online shops. In principle, you should also take advantage of this to determine your individual comfort levels. Often, a higher degree of hardness is also an indication of a more durable mattress, as the material gives less.

♦ Volume weight

Note that the volume weight of a good quality mattress must not be less than 40 kg / m³. This value indicates how much weight of raw foam mass was used per cubic meter. The higher this value, the more positive this has on the longevity of your cold foam mattress.

♦ mattress height

The height of the mattress does not have a direct influence on the quality of the product, but it does provide more sleeping comfort and also fulfills another function. Higher mattresses can help to better regulate compression and thus better cushion movements. The average mattress height is around 16-18 centimeters.

If you consider these three quality features when buying a cold foam mattress, you will benefit from the advantages for a long time and enjoy a high level of sleeping comfort.

A little tip at the end: There are different mattress manufacturers who take all quality features into account. A positive example is the start-up matrazzo®, behind which there is a manufacturing team with over 60 years of experience in the development of foams. Take a look at the website.

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