The neighbors are too loud again, the wall clock in the hallway is ticking in a strange way and your own thoughts are constantly spinning in circles. You can hardly fall asleep there and, if at all, you wake up again and again. Unfortunately, almost 80% of all Germans are familiar with this problem. Chronic sleep disorders not only impair our performance and ability to concentrate during the day, but also make us sick over the long term. You definitely have to do something about it and do it as early as possible. So today we have put together 10 super simple and effective tips for falling asleep for you.

Our tips for falling asleep will help you in such cases

sleep disorders tips to fall asleep

1 # It all depends on your own sleep ritual!

The good old sheep counting is no accident. This is an ancient sleep ritual that helps us fall asleep faster by pushing aside our everyday thoughts and setting us into a calm, monotonous thought process. In this way, we relax and at the same time get tired more quickly.

The same thing happens when we count backwards or read a relaxing book. Foot bath is also one of the most popular rituals for falling asleep, especially after a tiring, long day in the office.

Your sleep book must not be a horror or action bestseller

reading a book tips for falling asleep

2 # Pay attention to a regular sleep rhythm

It would be optimal if you go to bed and get up at the same time, at least during the week. Our “internal clock” gets used to it and falling asleep works much easier than it does by itself. It is important that you do not eat anything at least 2 hours before going to bed, or at least not difficult to digest food. Because if something is difficult for you lies in the stomach, this has a very negative effect on the quality of your sleep.

Light in the stomach, light in sleep

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3 # Relaxing and letting go are essential when falling asleep

Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, breathing exercises and meditation help you not only to get through the day in a balanced and in a good mood, but also to fall asleep much easier and faster. You can also meditate or relax directly on the bed or on a special seat cushion. The Savasana is one of the best yoga postures that is recommended for complete relaxation before going to sleep, provided you have already mastered it a little.

Build a short meditation into your sleep ritual!

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Savasana is perfect for falling asleep for yoga beginners

savasana yoga tips for falling asleep

4 # Drink some sleep-in tea

Alone or as a couple, drinking tea is always fun and somehow slows down time. That is why a tea in the evening is the perfect sleep aid, even for passionate coffee drinkers or for them of all people. The list of medicinal herbs and spices that are recommended for a good sleep tea is quite long. Our favorites are lavender, lemon balm, passion flower and hops. Just feel free to try out which tea is most effective for you.

A good sleep tea can work wonders

tips for falling asleep drinking tea sleep mode mobile phone

5 # Take a warm aromatic bath

Aromatherapy has been on everyone’s lips for a long time, and you’ve probably had your own experience with it, or maybe you haven’t? Then it is high time to do so. All-natural lavender oil and a warm bath with homemade lavender bath bombs are classics when it comes to effective tips for falling asleep.

The fragrant healing power of Provence

lavender tea lavender oil tips for falling asleep

6 # A tried and tested home remedy – honey with milk

In grandma’s time, warm milk with honey was a popular home remedy for falling asleep. That has hardly changed today. Many mothers and grandmas repeatedly give their children and grandchildren milk and honey in the evening, provided they are not lactose intolerant. Others prefer warm cocoa with almond milk – depending on the situation. So, if you don’t like tea, have no problem with dairy products, or just keep in need of a change, you should try milk and honey before bed.

A popular classic for falling asleep for young and old

drink milk and honey tips for falling asleep

7 # Do not force yourself to sleep under any circumstances!

If you cannot fall asleep despite relaxation techniques, tea, milk and honey, or the good old books, then you probably need a new sleep strategy and number 7 of our tips for falling asleep. Sleep cannot be forced and you should only dare to take sleeping pills and the like after a detailed consultation with your doctor or psychotherapist. So what to do?

Don’t keep looking at the alarm clock – that will only increase the internal pressure and you will stay awake longer. Do not stay in bed for more than 10-15 minutes if you cannot fall asleep. Better to get up and do some quiet activity instead. If you don’t feel like reading the night, ironing or the like might help.

The main thing – do not force yourself to fall asleep

tips for falling asleep woman bedroom alarm clock

8 # Write down circular thoughts in a worry notebook

It is not for nothing that such a notebook is also called the Grübel diary. Because this is where you can collect your worries, annoying problems or disappointments. After writing it down, it’s time to close the book and put it in the drawer. Alternatively, you can write down unpleasant thoughts and worries on a blank piece of paper, reread them, then tear up the paper and throw it away. It is a kind of annihilation and so you mentally part with the unnecessary.

Important: Never take open questions and everyday worries to bed!

Then it is best to really keep your worry book in a safe place at home!

worry writing down brooding book tips for falling asleep

9 # Ban electronic devices from the bedroom

Electromagnetic smog is unfortunately commonplace almost everywhere in our digitized and innovative world. Not only in the office we are plagued by harmful rays, but electromagnetic waves are also constantly being emitted from our own cell phones and WLAN. Try to at least banish electrosmog from your sleeping oasis. So, don’t keep your cell phone next to your head, but rather switch to flight mode and even better leave it in another room. TV, tablet and laptop have no place in your bedroom either. You can also get a salt crystal lamp or a pyramid made of shungite gemstone. These neutralize electromagnetic radiation and ensure a pleasant and healthy room climate.

The book would be the better choice here

tips for falling asleep smartphone bedroom

10 # Ventilate and darken windows

Speaking of a pleasant room climate in the bedroom: Correct ventilation and sufficient darkening of the windows are of fundamental importance. It is advisable, especially in the cold season, not to leave the windows in the bedroom and generally at home tilted any longer, but rather to ventilate the room for 10 minutes. This saves electricity costs and at the same time prevents the formation of mold in the bedroom. Also ensure a comfortable room temperature of around 18-19 degrees at night.

And here you can find out what you should generally pay attention to in the bedroom in order to be able to sleep even better.

If you do get a little cooler, put on warm winter socks while you sleep!

winter sleep warm socks tips for falling asleep

A sliced ​​lemon next to the bed will also help you sleep better

sliced ​​lemon tea tips for falling asleep


If you have occasional insomnia, try our 10 tips for falling asleep. And see which of them are most effective for you. If you generally have trouble falling asleep, then you shouldn’t consume caffeinated drinks such as coffee, cola, green tea, alcohol and energy drinks in the evening. Scary movies, too heavy, high-fat and high-sugar food and late-night exercise are also known sleep killers that are best avoided in the evening.

And if all of these tips don’t help, try anyway not to put additional pressure on yourself. It is better not to think about bad causes and risks, but seek advice from your doctor or therapist.

We wish you an easy fall asleep and a good night’s sleep.

Get a good night’s sleep and stay healthy!  

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