The triceps brachii muscle, better known only as the triceps, belongs to the group of arm muscles. As the name suggests, the triceps has three “heads” – caput longum, caput laterale and caput mediale. All three are made up of various combinations of muscle fibers and motor units and, to some extent, act as separate, independent muscles with different functions. The main function of the triceps is, by and large, to straighten the elbow joint and to fix it with fine movements of the hand, as well as to allow great freedom of movement in the shoulder joint. Although the triceps are significantly larger than the biceps and indicate the actual volume and relief shape of the arms, triceps exercises are often neglected in favor of the biceps.

Correctly performed triceps exercises are very important in order to avoid unattractive waving arms in old age. In order for this muscle to stay well formed throughout your life, you need to exercise it regularly. In today’s article we are therefore offering you four of the most important triceps exercises that you can also do at home without the need for special fitness equipment. Just read on!

These triceps exercises are more important than any other arm exercise in many ways

Simple triceps exercises that you can do at home, exercises in the park doing dumbbells

The triceps make up about 2/3 of the muscles in the human arm

Simple triceps exercises that you can do at home, short workouts but several times

Simple Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home Muscle Anatomy Three Heads

Bench dips

Bench dips are one of the most popular and easiest triceps exercises. Most athletes are well acquainted with them and are careful not to miss them in their workouts. The technique is not complicated, but it does require concentration and strength.

All you need to do the exercise is a fitness bench, which you can easily replace at home with a chair or two or even a park bench. Sit close to the edge and prop your palms against your body so your fingers are pointing to the floor. Put your feet as wide as your pelvis on the floor. Lift yourself up with your arms and move your body slightly forward. Extend your legs and tone the muscles in your back by pulling your shoulders back.

Now lower your body close to the bench until your elbows form an angle of exactly 90 degrees. Always keep your spine and head straight when lowering. Slowly return to the starting position. Do at least 10 repetitions per training session.

If you find it difficult to do bench dips with your legs straight, you can bend your legs slightly at the beginning and thus help yourself easily. If, on the contrary, the exercise is too easy for you, then you can instead place your feet on a second chair opposite and do so-called Arnold Dips.

With some music in the ears or with a partner, all exercises are a little easier

Simple triceps exercises that you can do at home for him and her

Simple triceps exercises you can do at home chair dips one arm one leg

Do a few repetitions several times a day

Simple Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home Tricep Dips Lie

Simple triceps exercises you can do at home make chair dips easier

Overhead triceps extension with dumbbell

These are other great triceps exercises, and the best part is that they allow for some variation. You can do triceps extensions with one hand or with both hands, in a straight or seated position. All you need is a dumbbell at a weight that’s right for you. Even if you don’t have a dumbbell on hand, you can quickly replace it with a large water bottle, thick book, or other everyday item.

Take a pair of dumbbells of your choice and straighten your arms above your head in a neutral position. Bend your elbows so the dumbbells are behind your head and they form a straight 90 degree angle. After feeling the stretch in your triceps, raise your arms again and return to the starting position. Do at least 15-20 repetitions per training session.

You can find dumbbell alternatives all over the place at home

Simple triceps exercises that you can do at home using dumbbells

Give your triceps a good rest if your muscles are sore

Simple triceps exercises that you can do at home overhead stretching exercises

Simple Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home Triceps Extension Overhead Woman

Dumbbell kickback

Dumbbell kickbacks are great and easy triceps exercises that are great for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. Again, you need a dumbbell that you can replace with another weight of your choice.

First, get into a stable position, pick up the dumbbell, and lean straight forward so your spine is almost horizontal to the floor. Bend your arm and raise your elbow so that your upper arm is parallel to the floor and close to your body. Extend your forearm backwards, leaving the rest of your body unchanged. After you have fully extended the arm, gently lower it back down to the starting position. Repeat at least 10 times per arm.

With these triceps exercises, your arms will stay fit despite the Corona

Simple Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home Kickback Demonstration Exercise

Never forget to warm up well before every workout

Simple Triceps Exercises That You Can Do At Home Do kickbacks at home

Diamond pushups

While pushups may put off some beginners at home, this is one of the best deadweight triceps exercises. Diamond push-ups differ from the usual mainly in the arm position. Anyone who finds it difficult can lean on a chair or slightly kneel over a fitness mat. In contrast, the exercise becomes significantly more strenuous if you place your feet on a chair instead.

Start by placing your hands on the floor right next to each other under your pecs. Touch your thumb and forefinger so that they form a diamond shape. Extend your elbows and form as straight a diagonal line as possible from your legs to your head.

Now lower your torso as much as possible, keeping your elbows close to your ribs. All movement should come from the upper arms instead of the shoulders. Finally, straighten your arms back to the starting position.

Everyone should be able to do push-ups

Simple triceps exercises that you can do at home doing push-ups on the balcony

Combine all physical exercises with a healthy diet

Simple Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home Do Push-ups at Home Living Room

Simple Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home Push-ups

Although the triceps is one of the most famous and largest muscle groups, it is often overlooked in arm training. However, if your goal is to get into the best possible physical shape, you should definitely devote plenty of time to your triceps as well. Even if the exercises seem difficult to you, it is important not to give up. In the beginning you can only do 2-3 repetitions, but several times a day. As a result, you will get stronger week after week and be able to do more intense triceps exercises.

These exercises are not recommended for those with trauma to the shoulders, wrists, and elbows

Simple Triceps Exercises You Can Do At Home Triceps Rope Exercises

A professional Fitness trainer can create an individual training for you

Simple triceps exercises you can do at home dips exercise training