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Body language tips that will make you more popular right away

We send signals to the people around us every day and are not even aware of them. Everything counts for communication. Even the way you move your eyes affects how others perceive you.

If we learn more about body language, with a little effort, we can make ourselves a lot more popular.

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A straight, but not exaggerated, posture makes you appear much more confident

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Stand up straight, but appear relaxed at the same time

When standing, your legs should be at the width of your hips. Stand as straight as you can. You even need to stretch yourself up as much as possible. Imagine someone pulling you up with a wire. Maintain this position but relax your shoulder as you go. Let go of the tension in the neck area as well. Tilt your head so that you can look the other person in the eye.

Shoulder blades come together and the neck pulls out long

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Exercise your stomach

Anyone who has exercised intensively knows that you should always keep your stomach tense. In some sports this area is called “Power House”. When the stomach is strong, we are generally fine. We appear more confident and all movements look very elegant. This is a body language that immediately arouses fascination with other people.

The natural wins. Be yourself

Read body language understand examples smile

How you enter a room matters

The body language when entering a room is really crucial. You must therefore work on this consciously and as early as possible. If you do everything right, any mistakes made afterwards won’t be so bad.

In many cultures, body expression is an important part of education

Body language stleung pose position educationSmile

Even if you’ve been scared or have had a bad day, don’t punish innocent people for it. Smile when you get anywhere. Show that you are happy to have arrived. That calms the others down and you make yourself a lot more popular with them.

Self-reflection and serenity will help you feel better about yourself

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Pay attention to everyone present

You don’t have to say hello loudly or take half an hour to shake hands. You can also show everyone in attendance that you noticed them. Eye contact combined with a smile would be enough.

A healthy distance and eye contact are important rules of communication

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Greet people like you are good friends

In the case of unknown people, one should rather assume that they are nice and personable. Greet everyone with this attitude on their mind. You can feel such openness and it is immediately reflected in the body language.

Empower your children and teach them to believe in themselves

Read body language understand examples smile

Firm and careful handshake

Shake hands firmly but gently. Through this body language you show affection and respect at the same time.

Focus on the person you are talking to

It may be that there is a particularly interesting and important contact person in the room. However, focus on whoever you are talking to. If you talk to someone and look nervously the other way, you are not making a positive impression on either person.

Communication theory in practice – media and public

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Take an open posture

Everything that is rolled over – arms, hands, legs, indicates reticence. Get used to this posture. By the way, this is also good for your health. In women, orange peel is more easily formed when the legs are crossed.

You should become aware of the signals that you are sending unconsciously

Body language read body signals

Bend over and bend in style

If you bend over or bend over, do it in style. The back should stay as straight as possible. If you have to bend low, bend your knees as well. This is important for both women and men.

Just as you perceive yourself, the world perceives you too

Reading body language understanding examples being self-confident

The facial expression

Focus on the good points in all situations. Let the joy from the newly discovered benefits appear on your face.

It’s just a game

Body language cannot replace a good attitude.

However, if you try to cover up your negative feelings through body language, it will not work. At least not in the long run.

Social contacts and positive emotions make you shine

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It is also important that you think only about body language. Successful communication is that which shows an interest in the other people. If you concentrate on the contact person, he will feel it intuitively and automatically like you more. If you are scared all the time that you are doing something wrong, you appear stiff. Then all the rules in the world won’t help you.

Have fun communicating. And don’t take it too seriously: it’s kind of a game after all.

It is no different than in nature

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Enjoy life and don’t think too much!

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