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Buying Spices – The usual spice list for every household

Varied home-cooked foods are the key to better health, according to nutrition experts. How do you manage to think out different dishes based on taste and ingredients and then prepare them again and again? That is more and more difficult in the stressful everyday life.

Buy spices – garlic gives the dish a peculiar taste

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The best helpers in this regard include culinary herbs and aromatic plants. You can quickly turn a simple healthy dish into something really special and indulge the senses. Two pinches of a special or not yet tried spice works wonders.


Yes, what is a kitchen without salt? In small quantities, this spice is also very important for our health. Often we don’t really need anything else to make a dish tasty. You surely know that it is best to use different types of salt in alternation, right? In this way you can supply yourself with various nutrients and always achieve a slightly different taste when cooking.

Buy spices – the food just doesn’t taste good without salt!

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Black peppercorns

Black peppercorns can be added to practically all dishes. You shouldn’t take this for granted. In the Middle Ages, black pepper was one of the most expensive products available. That’s one more reason to add this to your own list of spices.

Black pepper

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Black peppercorns are obtained from the Piper nigrum plant. These must be fermented, ripe and dried. If you want a particularly rich taste, buy whole grains and grind them just before you eat them. There are about 15 kilocalories in two tablespoons of black pepper. It also contains 37% of the daily dose of manganese.

Sprinkle pepper on steaks for a classic super tasty taste. Mix a tasty dressing from olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and ground black pepper.

Red pepper

Red pepper is a very popular spice. It is ground and sold that way. Use it in the sauce for pasta or on the pizza. Red pepper belongs to the chili sauce and tastes wonderful in combination with a lot of meat and vegetable dishes. Red pepper develops its character during cooking and other thermal processing. However, the temperature must never be too high. Otherwise the taste will be too bitter.

Red pepper

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Chili souce for those who like the food spicier

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Here are two tips for foods that taste great with red pepper. Just to name a few – stuffed peppers with cauliflower and chicken or turkey cooked with red wine and basil.


Cinnamon is a super delicious spice and it has many benefits, not only for the senses, but also for our health. This aromatic spice is extracted from the bark of the cinnamon tree. It is removed, dried and wrapped in rolls. Cinnamon can be found on the market as cinnamon sticks or ground, as a powder.

Cinnamon in powder form

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Cinnamon sticks

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The cinnamon sticks can be stored longer – for a year, e.g. the cinnamon powder has a more intense taste. In this form, however, it loses its properties after six months. There are all sorts of cinnamon.

The Ceylon cinnamon is most valued. This is still called “real cinnamon”. However, there is a lot of debate about whether cassia or Ceylon cinnamon is healthier. Some experts warn against too high a content of the harmful substance coumarin in the first. If you use cinnamon a lot in your kitchen, then it is better to use Ceylon cinnamon and limit yourself to one soup spoon per day.

Above all, cinnamon is used to make delicious pastries. But there are many lamb and chicken dishes with cinnamon. In addition, the mulled wine smells wonderfully of cinnamon during the Christmas season.

Cinnamon biscuits

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Don’t forget about cumin if you have Buy spices. This should also be on your list of popular spices. It is a spice with a very long history in gastronomy and cuisine. Use whole grains rather than ground ones. Ideally, they should be organic. Cumin seeds are a wonderful source of iron, manganese, zinc, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin B1. Two tablespoons contain 16 calories and 16% of the daily allowance of iron.

Cumin seeds

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Ground cumin seeds

Buy Spices Ground Cumin Cooking Tips

The combination of cumin and black pepper is believed to be an aphrodisiac in some eastern countries. Regardless of whether this mix works or not, it is a wonderful flavor addition to vegetables, fish and chicken. Cumin goes well with the various types of beans, lentils and almost all types of meat. Use ground cumin in lamb dishes, add salt and black pepper, and you will achieve a delicious taste and aroma.


With its so strong aroma, thyme will contribute to many culinary successes. It has been known in gastronomy and medicine for many centuries. Thyme is still used in aromatherapy. 2 tablespoons only have 5 calories, but you create 10% of the daily dose of vitamin C with it.

Thyme leaves

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Choose fresh thyme rather than dried it. How to achieve better taste. The thyme leaves are a very nice green color. That’s why you decorate a lot of dishes with it. Store thyme in bags in the refrigerator.

Dried thyme

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We can only recommend using this herb in the preparation of fish, chicken, salad dressings and soups. Fresh thyme goes wonderfully with omelets. Be sure to try this: pureed spinach with eggs and thyme.


Ginger is an aromatic and very healthy spice. It’s also a powerful antioxidant. Use whole roots for cooking. It would be best to chop or grate them. So they also have a pleasant taste and a great aroma. By doing this, you are doing your health a huge favor. In addition to ginger tea and various juices, you should definitely try this dish: pumpkin soup with ginger.

Ginger is healthy and makes food delicious

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Pumpkin soup with ginger tastes great

Buy spices ginger pumpkin soup recipe ideas


Garlic is also a must-have on your list of must-have spices. Seven toes contain 27 calories, 15% of the daily dose of manganese, 13% vitamin B6, 7% vitamin C, 6% zinc. There is garlic in powder form, but the taste of the fresh garlic cloves is much more intense. Depending on the situation, one or the other variant may be more suitable. It is best to keep the garlic in a dark and cool place.

Garlic cloves

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Add garlic to the dish

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Do you like cinnamon rolls?

Buy spices cinnamon pastry recipe ideas

Just watch how much salt you eat

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