When the whole continent is caught in the icy embrace of winter, people long for warmth and comfort all the more. From the beginning of December to the first few days of March you feel a strong desire for hearty dishes and hot drinks. Hearty, warm and healthy at the same time, that would be perfect! Our grannies have mastered the right balance between tasty and healthy. You mainly cooked seasonally and bought regionally at the weekly market. For this reason and because it is almost Christmas, we would like to take a look at the festive recipes with sauerkraut. How many of us can prepare a festive dish? And how many people know how to make sauerkraut yourself and who would still dare to do it?

You should try all the recipes with sauerkraut

Make your own recipes with sauerkraut white cabbage

Winter recipes with sauerkraut – healthy and full in the cold

At the Christmas market we only get the popular sauerkraut dishes to a limited extent this year and the restaurants will most likely remain closed. The best consideration is to cook yourself. A homemade meal may not be as masterful as the professionally cooked one.

But it tastes of home and of tradition and that is the main thing. What did you eat in grandma’s good room on cold Sundays? Sauerkraut with pork knuckle, Schupfnudeln, Kassler roast … but also the delicious dumplings with red cabbage … and of course the typical Nordic kale with potatoes and Bregenwurst..

The hearty and home-style cuisine has its tradition and history

recipes with sauerkraut make your own christmas recipes

Nowadays, many people find such dishes excessive, too fat and also far too far removed from the healthy. But that’s not entirely true. The ingredients are actually 100% according to the climate and the spices used reflect the characteristics of the residential area and the respective family tradition. Each dish also has an exciting story from the old days.

Have you already felt like enjoying the “home-style” cuisine??

“Well then you dew!”

Everyone should learn to make sauerkraut themselves

Make your own recipes with sauerkraut Prepare sauerkraut

Prepare sauerkraut – it’s that easy

To make delicious sauerkraut, all you really need is one or more types of cabbage, spices and cold. If you still have it, you can take out the fermentation pot. However, we work with what we have in the apartment. If we pickle the sauerkraut today, it will be ready on time for Christmas.

A clay pot in which you put the sauerkraut would be authentic and beautiful. But if you don’t have a similar one, use an ordinary mason jar! It would make sense if the glass is a little bigger and wider and it is important that it is washed and boiled well.

Perfectly balanced – the healthy and low-calorie cabbage and the good meat

Make your own recipes with sauerkraut with kassler

Sauerkraut recipe – healthy and refined

We give you the basic recipe for homemade sauerkraut and you can vary and deviate from it according to your taste and needs.

A mix of winter vegetables can be fermented together with the sauerkraut

Make your own recipes with sauerkraut with kassler


1 white cabbage

a bit of salt

some sugar

Mason jars or clay pot

Wooden spoon

The longer the cut strips, the crisper the sauerkraut will be

Make your own recipes with sauerkraut, cut into small pieces

Season with salt and start fermentation with sugar

Christmas dinner recipes with sauerkraut


Take a white cabbage (or whatever variety you like), cut it in half and remove the stalk! Set aside a few whole leaves and cut the rest into thin strips. The longer the strips, the finer and crisper the sauerkraut will be.

Now we put half of the large leaves in the bottom of the clean glass. It is important that the entire floor is covered. We sprinkle some sugar and salt on the leaves and on top we distribute some of the beautiful threads of cabbage.

Now comes the most important thing in the preparation of sauerkraut, namely the pounding. The cabbage should be mashed until soft, either by hand or with a wooden spoon. The vigorous pounding is supposed to make the cabbage soft and pliable. Before you start, add salt one more time!

Pounding the cabbage is the most important part of the preparation

Make your own recipes with sauerkraut and refine sauerkrau

Make sure that the strips of cabbage are really soft and form a dense layer. If there is just a little bit of air left in between, the cabbage will ferment incorrectly and, unfortunately, go bad.

If the glass is already full, cover the top layer with the remaining cabbage leaves. If you still have space, cut some more cabbage and treat the new threads exactly as described above. Put in the cabbage and pound until your vessel is almost full.

As I said, cover the top layer with cabbage leaves and look for something heavy to flatten the cabbage with. The resulting juice is important and should be above the top layer and above the weight.

The cabbage layers should be dense and there should be no air between them

recipes with sauerkraut make your own sauerkraut recipe

This hard work is meant to show in three weeks that you did everything right! Leave the jar in the cold for three weeks and wait impatiently!

For an optimal result, the sauerkraut can be stored at around 10-15 degrees for the first two weeks and then at 5 degrees afterwards.

The sauerkraut is stored in a cool place for about three weeks

Make your own recipes with sauerkraut Refine sauerkraut

Sauerkraut tastes particularly good with mustard and juniper

make your own recipes with sauerkraut

There are recipes with sauerkraut that are good for vegetarians

Make your own recipes with sauerkraut. Cooking sauerkraut

Christmas menu with sauerkraut – local and so unexpectedly healthy

Depending on the region, the sauerkraut recipe can only be supplemented and refined. In some houses even more winter vegetables are put in for fermentation. Many prefer the sauerkraut to be spicy and aromatic and refine it with bay leaves and juniper berries.

How you season the cabbage is up to your sensitivity! It is important that the cabbage ferment properly, because this is the only way to benefit from all of its healthy properties.

Sauerkraut is a really low-calorie vegetable, but it contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber. The sauerkraut also strengthens the immune system.

Whether you use the sauerkraut for the traditional Christmas menu or just eat it, you will be doing your body only good!

We wish you a healthy and delicious pre-Christmas season!

The red cabbage lovers can compose their own variant

Recipes with sauerkraut make yourself red cabbage christmas recipe

Nothing can stand in the way of the festive meal

Make your own recipes with sauerkraut red cabbage for christmas

Making sauerkraut is easy if you carefully follow all of the steps

Recipes with sauerkraut make your own sauerkraut with pork knuckle