Did you know that a balanced diet and a bad mood are interdependent

Lately, people have been talking about depression more and more often. Much more people think they are affected by it. The truth is, depression is a difficult diagnosis that shouldn’t be diagnosed too quickly.

There are many people who just have elements of depression. The quick self-formulated diagnosis can be detrimental for this group because it leads to wrong measures being taken. Often it is permanent fatigue, burnout or simply an unhealthy lifestyle. The aforementioned problem area could easily be reflected in your mood and your self-esteem. Also, many people have symptoms reminiscent of depression from poor diet.

A balanced diet avoids a bad mood

balanced nutrition against bad mood tips

We want to dedicate today’s article to a balanced diet. For this reason we no longer use the word depression. With us it’s about the bad mood and the feeling of insecurity for one’s own strength. We’ll go into the possible connection with healthy eating and explain how to overcome bad moods by making appropriate changes in eating habits.

Balanced diet – a healthy diet has an impact on your overall well-being

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A healthy breakfast is a good way to start the day

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The healthy food and the mood

The unhealthy life and not balanced nutrition are a possible reason for the bad mood. Often they are accompanied by other factors, and in fact other factors are most often the main cause of this condition. These are based on changes in the biochemistry of the brain, on hormonal problems or traumatic experiences.

Unhealthy food can be the cause of the bad mood

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Proper nutrition is essential in a busy day-to-day life

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But even in this case it plays balanced nutrition plays an important role in how to cope with such situations and how long it takes to overcome them. In other words, if you eat a healthy and balanced diet, you will be better prepared for life’s challenges!

Eat a balanced diet and be fit and happy

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Let us now look at the whole thing a little more scientifically. The bad mood is linked to low levels of serotonin in the brain. Only 10% is in the brain and the other 90% is made in a specific area in the stomach. Do you see the logical connection between this information? Also come to the logical conclusion that a healthy diet and a good mood are strongly linked?

Proper nutrition and a good mood are linked

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Food and dishes for good and bad mood

We want to warn you in advance that the answer to the question of what food is good and which is bad for your mood has individual nuances. Therefore, you must view our lists as a guide rather than a must.

You have to try and learn to observe and get to know yourself. For example, it may be that a food from the “good” list makes you feel bad. This can have something to do with an allergy, a bad association or intolerance due to an illness. The bad list, in turn, can include things that you associate with good moments from your past.

Your own nutrition plan is a personal decision

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Try for yourself what is good for you and what is bad

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So the following lists are all about the rules of a balanced diet and a good mood, but you need to find out for yourself how far they apply to you. You also need to be aware that we are talking about permanent consumption. If you eat something “bad” but otherwise have a healthy lifestyle, it will not put you in a bad emotional state.

Everyone has their own eating habits

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Eating fruit, not just as a duty, but enjoying it

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Make sure you have a varied diet

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Foods that put most people in a bad mood

Usually these are artificially produced foods. They remove us from nature and we are no longer able to keep the balance in our lives so easily.

The natural and varied diet, which we also like, ensures improved self-esteem and a good mood. Read more about the “good” and “bad” foods in our next article on the same topic! The sequel will follow soon!

Include vegetables in your eating plan as well

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Abundant breakfast gives a good tone

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