Healthy Herbs – Learn how to use healthy herbs properly!

Herbs are healthy and that is certainly a well-known fact that everyone can confirm from personal experience. However, the good effect depends on the correct application. How you collect, store and prepare the herbs is important. Would you like to learn more about the basic principles now??

Drying healthy herbs in the back yard

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Store healthy herbs properly

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Don’t underestimate the information about the herbs

There is a large database of information on the internet. She can help you in many situations. But the excess of information has one disadvantage: it leaves the impression that healing with herbs does not require any special knowledge. This attitude is wrong and harmful. In the case of illnesses in particular, incorrect handling can lead to poor results and even add damage.

Find out more about the herbs in detail

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If you are healthy and want to improve your general condition, then the risk is not that great. Here are some tips you can apply. They also serve as a guide for beginners in this field.

The herbs must be fresh and clean

Only the fresh herbs are good for your health. Furthermore, you need to choose those that are far from roads and human activity. It sounds like a chore, and it is. On the other hand, herb collecting is great fun and a popular hobby of many people. This in itself can have an additional beneficial effect on your health.

Be careful where the herbs grow

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Pick correctly

Pick only the tips of the herbs and use small scissors for this purpose. Different herbs ripen in the different seasons. It’s important that you don’t collect them too soon. Furthermore, the time of day and the weather are also important. There must be no dew on the flowers.

It is also important that you pick the herbs properly

Picking healthy herbs correctly tips

Storage and drying

Herbs must be stored and dried separately from other products. The room that is chosen for it is very important. This should be dry, well ventilated and shady. The non-aromatic herbs should be placed in cardboard boxes or wooden boxes. For the others, use glass vessels that are easy to seal.

Consider where to keep the herbs

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Determine an expiration date

The herbs keep their good properties for about a year. After this time, renew your “home-made pharmacy”. It is best to write the date on the containers for storage and do not use old herbs.

It is recommended that you renew the herbs after a year

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Important tips for making herbal tea

It is better not to use tin or aluminum containers for your herbal tea. Preferably use ceramics. A pinch of the chosen herbs is usually enough to prepare a cup of herbal tea. There are other doses for some varieties. Check out what’s good for your case.

Prepare herbal tea

healthy life herbal tea drinking tips

Enjoy it properly

Last but not least, it is important that you drink the healthy herbs at an appropriate temperature. The teas that are too hot are unhealthy. They should even be offered chilled.

Just be careful that the tea isn’t too hot

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With the various herbs, it is better to drink them before or after eating. For the best possible effect, you need to inform yourself about this aspect as well.

There are a lot of rules and tips and you need a lot of information. Collect them and preferably write them down in a notebook. It is best to keep this in the cooking area. The effort is bigger at the beginning, but over time you will only need to refill the herbs. Once you have the basic knowledge, everything works out much easier.

Herbs can also be grown at home

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Plant herbs in a flower pot

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Growing herbs in the garden

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