Green coffee – pros and cons

And another slimming trend from the USA has come to Europe. For some time now one has read and heard more and more about green coffee. However, it is actually not about a completely new drink, but literally from the seeds of the evergreen coffee bush Coffea, which originally comes from the highlands of Ethiopia and Sudan and has conquered the whole world. We all know coffee primarily in its roasted version, with its irresistible, sensual scent and unmistakable taste. In the case of green coffee, on the other hand, we do not find an intense aroma and a much bitter taste. However, the nutrients are fully preserved and the caffeine content is much lower than that of roasted coffee.

Green coffee also comes from the coffea coffee tree

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And what about the ingredients in green coffee??

The most important of these are: alkaloids such as caffeine and trigonelline, proteins such as amino acids, lipids, enzymes, minerals, carbohydrates, volatile aromatic substances, acids and polyphenols such as chlorogenic acid. And that’s exactly what green coffee is about as a slimming agent.

This acid is given a particularly strong fat-burning effect in the body. This is because chlorogenic acid inhibits the absorption of glucose into the blood and therefore also suppresses the rise in blood sugar levels after meals. This reduces the formation of new fat in the body, which in turn leads to a significant decrease in the body fat percentage.

Green, unroasted coffee beans

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Do not worry! You don’t have to chew or swallow the unroasted beans raw. Green coffee is usually sold in powder and capsule form. You can find it in most organic and health food stores.

According to some American and Indian nutritionists, the health benefits far outweigh the risks. Norwegian scientists, on the other hand, warn against side effects as well as generally when consuming other caffeinated products. Caffeine, like chlorogenic acid itself, is said to have negative effects on the nervous system and even cause cardiovascular diseases, because these two substances increase the homocysteine ​​level in the blood. So, be careful here in any case!

Coffee beans on the bush

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It is therefore essential that you seek advice from an experienced dietician or specialist before taking green coffee capsules. When buying, pay attention to a high proportion of active ingredient (at least 60%). Combine with good nutrition and more sport and exercise. There are already many green coffee products on the market and it is becoming increasingly difficult to choose. That’s probably true! That’s why we looked around a bit for you and read many reports and tests. So we’re up Slimsona encountered. It’s not just the price-performance ratio that is right here. This product is made entirely in Germany and is 100% natural.

Green coffee is most commonly taken in this form

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Many coffee shops also offer green coffee

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A great feeling of lightness

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Support weight loss through the right diet

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Look forward to your sustained success!

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