Human bones – healthy bones through a healthy lifestyle – this is how it works

Interestingly enough, the topic of the “human bone system” is discussed far too little. It is impossible for us to lead a full life if our bones are not healthy and strong. The factors that play a role are not that many, but even failure of one can have serious negative consequences.

Human bones – proper nutrition and exercise are a prerequisite for this

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Human Bones – What vitamins and nutrients are important for bone health?

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Balance between calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K2

These three ingredients are the building blocks of a healthy bone system. Not only do they have to be abundant in our bodies, they also have to be in good balance with one another. The problem is that we mostly get the first two in abundance through our diet, but often neglect vitamin K2. Make a greater emphasis on getting enough of them. The lack of vitamin K2 can have serious consequences for many people.

Make sure you achieve a balance between calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K2

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Sodium and potassium

The positive effect on the bones is also related to these two ingredients. They are easier to catch up with than vitamin K2, for example. It is enough if you eat enough fresh, organic food. So you have to eat healthily and avoid the processed foods if possible.

Bananas and citrus fruits are high in potassium

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Fresh food makes the bones healthy

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Exercise for a healthier body and stronger bone system

The human bones are naturally put under considerable strain during training and sports activities. Too much stress can lead to problems. However, the infrequent training also has a negative effect. Balanced physical activity is a very good strategy for building a healthy bone system.

Exercise to have a healthy bone system

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Strengthen your bone system through more exercise

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So this is how you build and maintain a healthy bone system, and do it in a natural way!

Stick to the following points in your everyday life and you have every chance of building a very healthy bone system in a natural way:

Calcium from natural sources

No, we don’t want to motivate you to adopt a vegan way of life. However, be careful when evaluating the quality of the animal products you consume. The animals should have lived and eaten under the most natural conditions possible.


Raw organic cocoa and other natural products can provide you with sufficient amounts of this ingredient. However, take it as an additive as well if needed.

Our bones need magnesium to be healthy

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Vitamin K2

Animal products of organic origin are also very important for supplying vitamin K2. Some fermented foods and cheeses, such as Bri or Gauda, ​​also contain plenty of it.

Some types of cheese are healthier for the bones

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Himalayan salt contains around 80 additional healthy elements for the human body that are not found in the other salt. Among them are many that strengthen your body in general and also improve the condition of the bone system.

Himalayan salt is healthier

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Lots of sun for more vitamin D.

Stay longer in the sun in summer. That’s enough to get you enough vitamin D. This is also very important for bone health. If you are in the sun a lot, you also need plenty of vitamin K2.

Lying in the sun is good for your bones

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In conclusion, we can say that a balanced diet is the first factor in the health of the human bone system. It must also include those just mentioned, along with other ingredients.

You also need plenty of exercise, fresh air and exercise.