Benefit from the healing properties of linseed oil

Linseed oil, often called liquid gold, is very popular thanks to its unique composition and numerous positive effects on health. The flax plant, from which the viscous golden-yellow oil is obtained, originally comes from Egypt, Iran, Syria and eastern Turkey. Flax is now also grown in Europe.

Cold pressed: golden and healthy oil

Linseed oil is made from flaxseed and can be cold or hot pressed and refined. Cold-pressed linseed oil is, however, by far the healthiest, as few vitamins and nutrients are lost. The golden yellow color of the oil is obtained through cold pressing. The taste of the oil is nutty, spicy and hay-like. If you store it a little longer or if it comes into contact with light and air, it takes on a bitter and rancid taste. It is therefore advisable to buy smaller quantities. The more you use it, the better, because the oil does not last longer than two months.

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healing linseed oil effect of omega 3 fatty acids

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Omega-3: fountain of youth and helpers in every need

The secret of linseed oil, or what makes it so popular, is the high dose of omega-3 fatty acids it contains. With its concentration of omega-3, it ranks first among all vegetable oils and is one of the few oils in which the concentration of omega-3 fatty acids exceeds that of omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to your health. The proportion of omega-3 fatty acids in linseed oil is up to 70%. This is much higher than rapeseed oil, which is known as an omega-3 supplier: this only has a share of 9%. Linseed oil also contains up to 10 times more omega-3 fatty acids than fish.

Linseed oil effect of omega 3 fatty acids

Linseed oil is an excellent source of energy and ensures the health of the body’s cells by helping the cells transport nutrients into the cells and transport toxins out of the cells. The omega-3 known as alpha-linolenic acid also has numerous other beneficial effects on both physical and mental health:

-Noticeable lowering of blood pressure

-Prevention of thrombosis, heart attacks and strokes

-Development of an anti-carcinogenic effect

-Inhibition of inflammation

-Promote blood clotting

-Relief from depression and anxiety

If the intake of omega-3s is too low, the ability to think can be considerably reduced. No wonder, then, that linseed oil is known as the elixir of life: It has an extremely positive effect on many areas of health.

healing flaxseed oil effect omega 3 fatty acids flaxseed seeds

The best and tastiest ways to take flaxseed oil

Since cold-pressed linseed oil is the healthiest, you should also take it cold to get the most out of its positive effects. When you heat it up, the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid double bonds are lost, which causes the effects to evaporate. Linseed oil is therefore not suitable for frying.

Linseed oil effect of omega 3 fatty acids seeds and oil

Since linseed oil has a pleasant, nutty taste, you can take it straight, for example 1-2 spoons a day. It is also very suitable for cold dishes such as seasoning salads, mixed with quark dishes or served with jacket potatoes. Thanks to its very high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids, it can easily replace fish and is therefore an important part of the vegetarian and vegan diet.

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