The Advent season was very high in calories. Losing weight is therefore one of the top New Year’s resolutions. Start the new year healthy – for example with these 5 weight loss tips.

1. Set goals

Would you like to fall below a magical number on the scales or mainly look good on the beach for your next summer vacation? Whatever motivates you to lose your excess weight, whether smaller or larger: Set realistic goals! Think specifically about what you want to achieve by when. That motivates.

Slimming down in January

Lean Down In January 5 Tips To Get Rid Of The Christmas Pounds

2. Lose weight together

Whether you want to fast for just a week or fit back into your old jeans in three months: losing weight is easier together. Start the diet challenge with your partner, relative or girlfriend – you can stick it out and celebrate successes together.

3. Don’t go on a crash diet

Lose five pounds in ten days? It can work, but it is neither healthy nor sustainable. On the contrary: energy-sapping crash diets promote the yo-yo effect. If you want to lose weight successfully, you should plan enough time for it.

Lose weight in January tips to get rid of those Christmas pounds

It makes sense to change your diet and permanently develop a healthy attitude – without the hassle of counting calories – towards eating. Experience has shown that the project is easier with a nutrition plan. Online are plentiful Recipes for every nutritional plan to find, with which you can lose weight healthy and above all with pleasure.

4. Take a candy break

No more feasting (at least temporarily). The last few weeks have been greasy and sweet as sugar. Therefore, try to consistently avoid sweets for at least a week and up to a month. Give your body a well-deserved sugar break. Tip: Give away a supply of cookies and do not buy any new sweets. In the meantime, you can strengthen your body with healthy carbohydrates and plenty of valuable proteins.

Slimming Down In January 5 Tips To Get Rid Of The Christmas Pounds Exercise

5. Move more

Most of them are more relaxed during Advent. Only one thing helps: Bring more exercise into everyday life, activate and strengthen the muscles. Exercise helps you lose weight by stimulating your metabolism and also by burning body fat. By the way, going to the gym is not a must. Even Bodyweight training at home can be very effective and, most importantly, fun. And if you can’t or don’t want to do sport, you should

  • take the stairs more often,
  • get off one stop earlier and walk the last kilometer,
  • carry home the shopping.

There are so many ways to incorporate more exercise into everyday life – try them out.

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