Like it or not, it’s getting colder and uncomfortable every day. The dark and wet days invite you to stay at home longer, especially during these difficult weeks. And if you have to stay at home for a longer period of time for one reason or another, it would make sense to feel good and at ease as possible. And how do you achieve better well-being? With a suitable ambience. The light primarily affects the mind. Then it would be good to have it warm enough at home. You should surround yourself with colors and fabrics that are good for you. And last but not least, the room fragrance would be important. You should make your own tea and drink it with pleasure.

Make tea yourself from herbs and spices that pamper us

Make your own tea. Winter tea is warm and cozy

For today’s post we have chosen the topic “Make your own tea”. We believe that through this we will enrich many of you with even more knowledge. Others can get further inspiration on the subject of wellbeing and mixing their own tea.

Mix tea properly and drink it with pleasure – a beloved ritual in winter

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea cold tea

Make tea yourself – which herbs work how

Many stores sell loose or ready-made tea blends that are very good. But it is always better to know the effects of herbs and mix your own tea according to your mood. Herbs that cannot be found in the tea shop can probably be found in the pharmacy or drugstore. A rule of thumb says that you can simply dose the herbal tea: Take a pinch with your own hand and let it steep in hot water for 3-5 minutes. Then strain and enjoy!

Every spice note and every fragrance corresponds to a mood

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea recipes

Why have certain types of tea or spice mixtures been designated for the winter? The answer is that this name is related to the effects of the tea types. Some herbal teas have a cooling effect, others stimulate. There are also some that warm the body. And they are exactly the right ones for your tea enjoyment in winter. If you want to make your own tea in winter, the following herbs and spices are recommended:

Ginger and honey bring the heat back into the body

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea ginger tea


The ginger root with its lemon-like taste protects against colds and stimulates digestion. The tea heats up well and is made from 3-4 thin slices with a cup of hot water. A few leaves of fresh mint and a little lemon juice complete the taste.

The lemon balm soothes and heals 

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea melissa tea

Lemon balm

The delicate taste of lemon balm brings inner peace and tranquility. The ingredients of the herb warm and calm mind and body and the tea can be enjoyed before going to bed.

The cinnamon counteracts microbes and inflammation and smells wonderful 

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea cinnamon stick


Cinnamon is rarely associated with tea, although it is found in many spice mixtures in winter. Whether you prepare a Christmas spice mixture with cinnamon or prefer to use the spice with sweet or hearty dishes, you will achieve one thing: Any feeling of coldness will disappear and you will get a stronger stomach.

With St. John’s wort one keeps the winter depression away

Two Cups Of Tea On A Table In The Winter Garden

Johannis herbs

A really very versatile herbal tea, with the effect and dosage of which one should be careful. But one thing is guaranteed in winter: in small amounts, St. John’s wort tea not only has a warming effect, but also “brightening”. Because of this property, the tea is often recommended against winter depression.

Whether as herbs of Provence or as herbal tea – the effect is clearly positive and frees from coughs and phlegm 

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea thyme

thyme & oregano

Even if both herbs are immediately associated with the Herbes de Provence, they also deserve our attention as herbal teas. Both thyme and oregano can be used as home remedies for coughs. Both are prescribed expectorant properties.

You can make your own tea and try a new herbal composition every time 

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea'oreagano rose petal

Spice mixes for the winter – the scent does not only affect the mood

A winter tea mixture can always be put together individually. The aromatic ingredients can be mixed together according to personal taste and needs. Nevertheless, there are herbs and spices that are closely associated with winter and even Christmas. Here is a short list of their effects:

Make winter tea yourself and enjoy it with loved ones – winter can also be so beautiful 

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea


Rosemary is often used as a spice for various dishes in winter. As a winter tea, the plant revitalizes the body and spreads a wonderful scent all over the home.

The rosemary is said to have a memory-promoting effect 

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea infusion


Whether dried in pieces or just as a peel, the orange enchants with its aroma. In addition, the scent of the orange makes us think brightly and makes the dark and cold days easier to bear.

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea herbal tea


The cardamom not only warms the body, it also puts the stomach back in order. For this reason, it is often recommended as a spiced tea alongside other herbs after a hearty meal.

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea mint


The clove is undoubtedly aromatic, but it also has a calming and even disinfecting effect against viruses and germs.

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea cardamon

Make Christmas tea yourself recipe (2 cups)

Most recipes contain black tea, but we’d rather skip it because it’s too exciting for a lot of people.

3 capsules of cardamom, 2-3 cloves, 1 medium-sized stick of cinnamon, the peel of 1/2 medium-sized orange, a little bourbon vanilla. Roughly grind all ingredients and let them work together in a covered glass for about a week. Pour boiling water over the mixture, refine it with lemon or orange juice and sweeten as desired.

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea'oreagano give away tea in a glass

Give away tea – the ultimate Christmas present

A self-composed tea mixture, which is attractively packaged, can only be seen as a nice gift. In addition, you not only give away soothing aromas, but also health and beautiful experiences!

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea'oreagano tea as a gift

Make your own tea winter tea christmas tea'orange