relax fully

Finally vacation, finally relaxation, finally relaxation!

How many of us actually manage to recharge our batteries while on vacation and treat ourselves to a well-deserved rest? In our free time we clear out the basement or the attic, renovate the apartment, move … It is true that there is always something to improve and to do in a house.

But you must not forget that your strengths are also limited and that you, the superhero, need a break and that you should allow yourself. We all see it – stress seems to be a common trend. It is “normal” these days to have a crowded schedule, to use every second effectively and to be always busy. We feel fully committed, but exhaust ourselves. They say so beautifully: “If you rest, you roast!”

Take advantage of every opportunity to relax your body and relieve your mind

relax lion water

Go out into nature as often as possible and take an active part in it

relax lion waterfall

Cats know exactly how to enjoy the peace and quiet 

relax lion cat

The candlelight calms and relaxes 

relax candles

Aroma lamps and scented baths are the right way to switch off

relax lion spa

It is finally time to realize that breaks are not indecent and that we can do our work even more effectively when we are rested. Relaxation can charge us with joie de vivre and enthusiasm and we really just have to want that. Something as simple as “doing nothing” still needs to be learned. What overcoming is necessary so that we allow ourselves pure relaxation? And it doesn’t even have to go a long way to get there. It’s all in our heads.

Allowing different shapes to be close will help you relax

relax lion foot massage

Listening to acoustic music or playing an instrument yourself compensates for you

relax lion flute

Fresh herbal teas cleanse and revitalize 

relax lion tea

Sauna procedures are particularly recommended in the darker months of the year

relax lion sauna

First of all, we have to learn to listen to the signals from our body. It’s easier said than done, I know. The second rule says that under no circumstances should you plan your free time. Just try to be spontaneous! Surprise yourself and finally do what you haven’t dared to do until today! Rule number three is to feel the excitement in the job. You also get tired, but also more motivated and positive. Treat yourself to every form of touch, massage, dance, singing! Watch the nature! Use your precious senses and refine them! Learn to enjoy the peace and quiet and to achieve complete relaxation!

Let your mind wander as often as possible


Let yourself be pampered

relax lion massage

Use your senses 

relax smell lion

Get to know yourself

relax lion yoga