How are you? Don’t you have any idea what to cook this week? If the weather remains so indecisive and proves itself neither as fish nor as meat, you don’t get any real muse as to what to cook to suit the weather. Since winter is obviously not over yet, we would like to offer you a root vegetable recipe. No, let’s make the meal suggestions 7 in number and try to remember what was cooked in grandma’s house when we were small children. Those were definitely hard times, but they were certainly also very funny. What typical root vegetable recipe do you know from your region and can you cook it? Our meal suggestions for today are exactly seven. This means that you have a recipe to choose from for each day of the week.

For us, a root vegetable recipe is never enough. How is it by you?

root vegetables recipe root vegetables

Root vegetable recipe for every day of the week and also grandma’s way

Lingering at home for a long time gives you strange ideas. You often remember your childhood and thus also the things that you often ate at grandma’s as a child. There was neither avokodo nor mozzarella and everything tasted so much like home.

We very much hope that you like the recipes we have selected and that you will taste just as good! Although the home-style cuisine is really hearty, we have tried to keep the weekly menu as vegetarian as possible:

Steam, fry or enjoy raw food – just take a root vegetable recipe and rediscover cooking!

root vegetables recipe beetroot

When was the last time you cooked kohlrabi? Now would be the best time to do it

Root vegetables recipe - baked kohlrabi raw slices

Baked kohlrabi

Ingredients: 4 tender kohlrabi, salt, 200g flour, nutmeg, 2 tbsp grated cheese, 2 eggs, 250ml milk

Vegetable steaks taste fantastic and are also very healthy and low in calories

Root vegetable recipe - baked kohlrabi in slices

Preparation: Mix the flour, salt, nutmeg, grated cheese, eggs and milk into a thick dough that is left to rest for 30 minutes. The kohlrabi are peeled, cut into thick slices and boiled in lightly salted water for 10 minutes. The drained slices are dipped into the batter and fried in hot fat until they have turned golden brown.

Each type of beet requires special attention, because each is very healthy and tasty at the same time 

root vegetables recipe white turnip

Black salsify can be prepared and eaten deliciously in so many different ways 

Root vegetables recipe roasted black salsify with nuts

Kohlrabi can of course also be crunched raw and enjoyed as a side salad 

root vegetables recipe baked kohlrabi raw

Radish vegetables the Bavarian way

Ingredients: 600g radishes, 1/2 l water, salt, sugar, 2 tablespoons flour, 30 g butter, 125 ml vegetable stock, 125 ml milk, pepper, lemon juice, 1 egg yolk, 3 tablespoons cream, chopped parsley.

Absolutely every root vegetable tastes good with fish 

root vegetables recipe radish vegetables

Preparation: The washed, peeled and finely chopped radishes are cooked in salted water with a pinch of sugar for 15-20 minutes. In the meantime you prepare a light roux, which you extinguish with the vegetable stock. The milk is poured in and the whole thing cooked well. Season to taste with lemon juice, salt and pepper and carefully mix with cream and egg yolk. Heat the radish slices in it and serve with parsley.

A simple root vegetable recipe – baked vegetable sticks with dip 

root vegetables recipe black salsify baked

Baked salsify

Ingredients: 750g black salsify, salt, vinegar, oil, 200g flour, 2 eggs, 250ml milk

Especially if you do not eat meat, you should eat more root vegetables 

Roasted root vegetables recipe black salsify

Preparation: Put about 2 liters of water and a cup of vinegar in a bowl. The cleaned and peeled salsify is placed in it. In this water, cut the root vegetables into pieces about 2 inches long. Salt water and bring to a boil and the pieces in it cooked until soft. Then you take them out and let them drain. A viscous dough is kneaded from the flour, milk, eggs, oil and salt. Portions of the drained salsify are pulled through the dough and browned in hot fat until golden.

Root vegetables should be washed very thoroughly and also with the help of a brush and warm water

root vegetables recipe black salsify

Wash the celery bulb well with hot water before slicing it 

root vegetable recipe celery tuber baked pieces root vegetable recipe celery tuber baked pieces

Celery wrapped in batter

Ingredients: 1 celery tuber, 80g flour, 5 tablespoons milk, 1 egg, salt, pepper, nutmeg, oil

The celery tuber has a dominant taste and should not be combined with any other vegetables 

root vegetables recipe celery tuber baked slices

Breaded celery steaks can be prepared well with fresh lettuce and grated horseradish 

root vegetables recipe celery tuber baked slices with horseradish

preparation: Clean the celery bulbs and cook them in slices until they are firm to the bite. Make a dough with the remaining ingredients, soak the slices and fry them until golden brown in the hot fat.

Try more than just bake potatoes 

root vegetables recipe baked turnips

Steamed turnips

Ingredients: Turnips, potatoes, salt, pepper, oil, vegetable broth

root vegetables recipe turnips

root vegetables recipe celery tuber baked pieces

Preparation: Cut the vegetables into bite-sized pieces, season and bake on a tray in the oven until soft.

Delicious and healthy – the local root vegetables are calling 

root vegetables recipe turnips

Prussian beetroot soup

Ingredients: 350g cooked, peeled beets, 750ml water or vegetable stock, marjoram, 1 small onion, salt, sugar, vinegar, 250ml sour cream

root vegetables recipe beetroot

Preparation: Grate the beets, bring the onion and marjoram to the boil in the water and add the beet pulp. The cream is also added spoon by spoon. Finally, you can thicken the soup with flour and season with spices.

root vegetables recipe beetroot

root vegetables recipe potato soup

Fine potato soup 

“Voulez vous potato soup?” Everyone loves potato soup, especially when it has already been cooked and ready to eat by someone else.

Ingredients: 6 medium-sized potatoes, 1 large yellow turnip, 1/2 celery root, 2 leeks, vegetable stock, butter, white bread cubes, salt, pepper, nutmeg

root vegetables recipe baked kohlrabi

Preparation: Peel and wash the potatoes and put them in cold water. Chop the remaining vegetables and sauté them with the butter and a little broth until they are soft. Cut the potatoes as desired and add them with the rest of the stock. Cook everything until soft and pour over the toasted bread cubes. Season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

root vegetables recipe baked radish pens

Root vegetables – healthy, versatile and very inexpensive

Every type of root vegetable tastes great and is available from us all year round. Whether carrots, beets, potatoes or celery, all of these vegetables come from the region and have many healthy ingredients. We recommend cooking and eating all types of root vegetables. The healthy vegetables from the earth can be consumed raw as well as cooked.

root vegetables recipe list baked

We prefer both varieties and recommend that you eat more of each type of root vegetable. The carrots, for example, improve our eyesight, the beetroot is good for the blood and the beets contain healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium. You can bravely combine the different root vegetable varieties and enjoy side dishes and bread with salad. Especially now, between winter and spring, one should eat more of each root vegetable.

root vegetables recipe