When the final touches of summer become noticeable, one becomes nostalgic for a short while, because one misses the carefree summer time too quickly. But there is no reason to be sad, because the next season will also bring enough joy, healthy ingredients and natural charm.

Today’s topic is dedicated to local and seasonal food, which appears in the weekly market at just the right time, when we need it most. The wetness and cold in autumn put the immune system to the test, so you can boldly try one of the following vegetable varieties (or all at once) as a preventive measure.

Autumn arrives rich in colors and vitamins 

root vegetable

Why should we eat root vegetables in autumn?

The autumn vegetables are much richer in vitamins and minerals compared to the leafy vegetables. In addition, the root vegetable varieties are very nutritious and filling, which is why vegetarians and vegans appreciate them. Of course, root vegetables also go well with meat as a side dish.

Regardless of how your diet is aligned, do your body a favor by eating plenty of all kinds of root vegetables in autumn and strengthening your immune system in the process.

Cooking locally and eating according to the season is the best

root vegetables mix

root vegetables happen

root vegetables poree

What kinds of vegetables do we call root vegetables?

As the name of this vegetable variety suggests, these are the edible parts of a plant. We have listed the most common types of root vegetables in Germany a few lines further along with their healthy properties.

We generally call all edible roots root vegetables. We distinguish between two sub-types – tuber vegetables and onion vegetables. Many of them can be eaten raw or baked and of course enjoyed as fresh juices.

Both autumn and winter there are root vegetables, which is very healthy

root vegetables mix carrots

root vegetables mix tray


We know these root vegetables sometimes as carrots, sometimes as carrots, but basically they are the same vegetables. Besides being very healthy raw or baked, carrots are also very low in calories, which makes them the perfect snack between meals.

root vegetables by color

root vegetables beet carrots

root vegetables carrot


For many, the beetroot is a root vegetable that really takes getting used to. With its rich red color, it can hardly be confused with any other type of vegetable. Rich in iron, the beetroot is one of the most important foods in autumn. Pickled or fresh, the beetroot can be processed into soups and stews, enriched with juices or offered in original crispy rings for snacking.

root vegetable mix parsnips beetroot

root vegetables beetroot


In one of the previous articles, we reported on the essential oils in the mustard plant that are found in other vegetables with a similar pungency. Horseradish is just such a hot and not exactly tasty vegetable, but what is used in naturopathy as an effective and natural antibiotic.

root vegetables horseradish young root

root vegetables horseradish


Something similar can be said about turnips and radishes as about horseradish. Depending on the variety and spiciness, one can also determine antibiotic effects. In most cases, beets are eaten raw and provide a good immune system on uncomfortable days. Baked with sweet potatoes and carrots, this healthy root vegetable is all the more enjoyable.

root vegetables autumn vegetables

root vegetables radishes


This root vegetable hardly needs to be introduced. In any popular form, as a side dish or puree, potatoes are filling and extremely delicious.

root vegetables potato

Baked root vegetables potato


This really unsightly vegetable is still lovingly called winter asparagus and is recommended to be consumed regularly, as it is full of important vitamins, minerals and protein. Cooked or steamed next to potatoes, parsnips or celeriac you can only benefit from the valuable properties of the healthy unknown.

root vegetables black root

root vegetables stewed black root

Celery root

Steamed in thin slices, the celery root has its own, sweet and creamy taste. Purifying and healing properties are prescribed to these vegetables. The taste of celery is too dominant, so it goes best with rice. Celery tuber is said to increase male potency and provide the body with important vitamins.

root vegetables celeriac

root vegetables celeriac

Jerusalem artichoke

Another type of vegetable that you shouldn’t pay too much attention to on the outside. The small roots can be stewed or eaten raw and say goodbye to the annoying heartburn once and for all. Jerusalem artichokes should be eaten both in autumn and in winter and enjoy their probiotic properties.

root vegetables Jerusalem artichoke

root vegetables Jerusalem artichoke unwashed


The roots of parsnips are healthy, but unknown to many young people. These forgotten root vegetables strengthen the stomach and regulate digestion. Those who do without sugar can sweeten their lives with these delicious vegetables.

root vegetable mix parsnips

root vegetables beet

root vegetables parsnip2

root vegetables parsnip3

root vegetables parsnips


In contrast to the other vegetable varieties on our list, we are dealing with an onion vegetable with the leek. Cooking and eating leeks is important because, in addition to important vitamins, leeks are rich in fiber, which is responsible for the normal values ​​of our intestinal flora. Leek helps against depression in the dark autumn and winter days and protects against dementia.

root vegetables leek

root vegetable onion cake

You can eat the leek raw, but what do you think of a freshly baked onion cake? This is healthy and loved by everyone.

If you buy seasonal vegetables every Saturday at the weekly market and prepare them lovingly and do this regularly, you will glide through autumn and winter in a good mood and lively. Try it!

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