Rosacea is a widespread disease in Germany. Several million German citizens suffer from the common in the German-speaking area Copper rose. Most of those affected do not even know that they suffer from the skin disease. The disease is not contagious and is usually harmless. Since the disease can be very stressful for aesthetic reasons, it is important to diagnose and treat rosacea as early as possible.

rosacea copper rose skin disease

Symptoms of copper rose

The skin disease usually progresses in flares and usually starts with reddening of the face. Those affected usually feel an exciting feeling on the face. In addition, the skin feels warm. With the normal course of the disease, the blood vessels on the cheeks and nose become visible after a while. In severe cases, small blisters and nodules also form on the skin of the face. Affected patients also report itching and pain in the affected areas.

skin disease rosacea symptoms

Deterioration due to external influences

Rosacea is not completely curable, but the course can be significantly alleviated with an early detection of the disease. In addition to the administration of medication, a change in lifestyle often helps, as many external factors can trigger the development of copper rose. Sun, heat, cold, wind, but also the consumption of alcohol and spicy dishes can lead to an intensification of the unpleasant symptoms. Anyone who has rosacea or who even suspects they may have rosacea should avoid any of the foregoing factors that can make the disease worse.

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Rules of conduct for rosacea patients

In summer you should avoid direct sunlight. It is advisable to stay indoors or at least in the shade at noon, when the sun’s rays are most intense. In addition, applying sunscreen is recommended. This protects the skin and thus helps to keep the symptoms under control.

But even on cold winter days you shouldn’t spend too long outdoors. The cold and the mostly unpleasant wind can put a lot of strain on the skin and worsen the course of copper rose. Rosacea patients who drink a lot of alcohol, smoke, and eat unhealthily should drastically reduce these habits. Various studies indicate that this can alleviate the symptoms and make those affected feel much more comfortable.

healthy eating for rosacea disease

Seek medical advice

Since many sufferers are not aware of the disease and the Symptoms of copper rose, are very similar to those of other diseases, the advice of a professional should be sought before taking any action. Doctors can usually very quickly classify the symptoms, make a reliable diagnosis and suggest a suitable therapy. Today you don’t even have to leave the house to talk to a dermatologist. Using apps from healthcare companies like Kry, you can schedule a video consultation with a doctor in just a few minutes. Experienced doctors can usually quickly identify rosacea based on the doctor-patient conversation and the video images and recommend a suitable treatment.

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