Super elegant sportswear for women

Are there any modern women who don’t care about their health? Sport is always very important to them. Yes, we are spending more and more time on the move. We have learned that without good physical shape, we lose motivation for everything else.

However, where you spend a lot of time as a woman, you also want to look good.

The sports fields and fitness rooms are slowly becoming one of the places where you can show off your own style.

There used to be the outdated notion that you can’t look so good while exercising, you have to feel comfortable. This idea is now finally forgotten, it belongs to the past. The truth is, a woman only feels comfortable when she is good-looking. This is especially true in sport, where you have to carry out intense and not always easy movements with a lot of self-confidence.

Sportswear women 2016

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Good sportswear for women is essential if we want to achieve good results. The clothing must therefore be selected according to carefully thought-out criteria. It has to look very good and also offer perfect comfort.

The elegant, sporty clothing must ensure that you simply feel perfectly in your skin.

Let us give you an overview of the different sports items that you need for training and fitness.

Sports shoes

When choosing elegant sportswear, the greatest attention is paid to the selection of sports shoes. The most universal shoes are the comfortable and high quality running shoes. They serve you well when jogging for longer distances. In addition, they are very suitable for aerobics lessons and equipment training.

The latest from Adidas in terms of sports shoes

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Nike has a lot to offer again this season

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There are a lot of chic models. Some are classic, others are subordinate to current fashion trends in casual fashion. If you are exercising intensely, it is best to have two or three models. At least one should be in a classic color. Preferably two too. Then you can complete your collection with colored pairs of shoes that you can use for a bright look.

Due to the soles and their quality, the shoes can last for approx. 2 years. But it also depends on the intensity of your physical activity. If you have several pairs of athletic shoes, the life of each one will be longer. Therefore this is always a very good investment.

The right running shoes are essential

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If you are into another more specific sport – such as soccer or tennis, you should also have special shoes.

Fashionable sportswear for 2016

The fashionable sporty clothes are super comfortable and aesthetic at the same time. They look impressive and emphasize the individual beauty of sports fans. At the same time, they are comfortable enough. Good training only works if you don’t have to worry about little things.

Tops and pants that perfectly accentuate your figure

What kind of image would you like to convey while doing sports? You certainly don’t want to look like you’re in the gym just to get the attention of other athletes. You want to look good in place, of course.

The good sporty brands are aware of this general attitude. That is why, for several seasons, you have been finding clothing that looks natural, informal, but at the same time super elegant and attractive.

Practical sportswear that feels good and looks chic

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Basic sports wardrobe: combine the cheap with the exclusive

When putting together your basic sports wardrobe, you have to be clear: You need a lot of sports sets and sportswear to swap. During intensive sports training you sweat and you often have to change your outfit. Get as many athletic t-shirts and pants as you can. You will also need two to three pairs of shoes.

Then you can buy yourself a piece or two of particularly elegant sporty clothing. In addition to the casual-looking sporty clothes, there is another trend at the moment. You create blouses and pants from sporty fabrics that look just like modern everyday clothing, but have been adapted to the sporty movement.

Be fit and elegant in any situation

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Casual and comfortable sports clothes for your daily yoga practice

sportswear-womens-sportswear-womenswear-yoga-clothing-yoga pants-tops

If you are exercising really hard, you should definitely get hold of these types of clothing.

Sports fashion women – the sports bag

If the gym is not across the street from your house, you need a comfortable and beautiful sports bag. Choose a sack if you are carrying this by hand.

If you cycle to the hall, you should opt for a backpack

sportswear women sportswear womenswear top backpack leggings

The outward appearance and color should be such that it goes with different outfits. Inside in the backpack or in the sports bag there should be enough space and compartments for storing clothes and other accessories. You shouldn’t have a problem with storing your clothes, a bottle of drinking water or your cosmetics.

Take the necessary time out after exercising

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Cosmetics and drinking water are always part of women’s sportswear

The sporty and elegant fashion brings body care to a new level. You need to shine with beauty and health after every fitness class. This doesn’t just work with the right training. You also need the right cosmetics for afterwards. After exercising, the skin pores are open and this is the perfect time to get the toxins out. Cleanse your face and shower with a gentle shower gel.

After that, you should have suitable cosmetics for both the face and the body.

By the way, good hygiene before exercise is also important. Otherwise, you will quickly smell of sweat and no perfume or deodorant can help you.

The latest from NIKE

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The perfect clothing for the perfect situation

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Whole sports costumes are preferred by many sporty women

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Achieve balance between body and mind

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Working out together in the fitness room can be really fun

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You can feel the right sportswear

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Sports fashion trends for women 2016

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Most of all, focus on yourself!

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