Collect chestnuts sweet chestnuts autumn harvest

Chestnuts, sweet chestnuts and chestnuts

As you probably already know, not all chestnuts are the same. The best-known varieties in Germany are horse chestnuts, sweet chestnuts or chestnuts and chestnuts.

The late autumn is here again and with it the time of the chestnuts! Also know their aroma when they are baked?

They also have a super pleasant taste. Stay with us! We have very interesting facts to share with you about chestnuts. It is less about their often discussed healthy nutrients.

Chestnuts protect us from unhealthy radiations

When we put the chestnuts in our pockets, they protect us from the unhealthy radiations. According to research, they reduce the influence of WiFi devices by 30 to 40%. As a result, by carrying chestnuts around, we also combat many of the typical autumn symptoms such as tiredness, nervousness, etc..

Horse chestnuts are particularly effective in this regard and healthy in other aspects.

Wild chestnuts are called horse chestnuts

chestnuts horse chestnut shells nuts animal feed

Play with the chestnuts!

Hold the chestnuts in your hands and play with them. You can also just twist them between your fingers. They have a super calming effect. Shy people gain a lot of self-confidence as a result.

You have to be patient

In order to feel the healthy effect of the chestnuts, you need a lot of patience. In order for the positive energy of the chestnuts to penetrate through the hand chakra, you have to hold them in your hands for several hours.

From there, the positive impulses spread through our energy channels and reach all parts of our body.

The sweet chestnuts and chestnuts are of course also suitable for this

chestnuts sweet chestnuts chestnuts sweet chestnuts autumn

In their prickly green shells, chestnuts look almost like little hedgehogs

chestnuts autumn harvest season ripe

Solve your sleep problems

Chestnuts also have beneficial effects on people with sleep problems. Put five or six of these under your pillow. Don’t overdo it, though. More than ten would be too much and can lead to unpleasant side effects, such as B. lead to fatigue.

And the nutrients

Let us now name the most important nutrients that chestnuts provide us with. You have vitamin B6, albeit in a smaller amount, folic acid, B 1, B 2, vitamin K, and PP. Chestnuts are also high in manganese, copper, and potassium. They are high in carbohydrates and a small dose can fill us up.

Healthy nuts with a pleasant, strong taste

chestnuts edible chestnuts edible autumn season healthy

Cut the pods crosswise before roasting

sweet chestnuts chestnuts sweet chestnuts peel cut up toast

This is what the chestnuts will look like afterwards

Chestnuts, sweet chestnuts, roasting chestnuts

Chestnuts in the cosmetics industry

If you can help your sensitive skin then check out the various chestnut mask recipes. Chestnut extracts are found in many cosmetic products.

The chestnuts are one of the many pieces of evidence that healthy living is at hand. It requires nothing more than the knowledge that we already have about many products and which have proven their effectiveness for many centuries.

Mainly the chestnuts are used

Gathering chestnuts sweet chestnuts roasting healthy

Numerous delicacies are prepared with sweet and sweet chestnuts

chestnuts sweet chestnuts main course mushrooms chicken onions

Roasted chestnuts go well with Brussels sprouts and bacon

chestnuts sweet chestnuts chestnuts chestnuts recipes roast Brussels sprouts

Pumpkin risotto with chestnuts isn’t a bad idea, either, is it?

chestnuts sweet chestnuts chestnuts chestnuts risotto pumpkin onions parsley

Enjoy chestnut jam for breakfast

Make chestnuts sweet chestnuts jam yourself

Bake butternut squash with honey, chestnuts, and cinnamon

chestnuts sweet chestnuts christmas dish roasted pumpkin cinnamon chestnuts

Try this simple one Chestnut Chocolate Cake Recipe the end! 

chestnuts sweet chestnuts chestnuts chestnuts chocolate cake

Winter time is also chestnut time

chestnuts sweet chestnuts chestnuts chestnuts christmas market autumn season

You can also prepare these yourself in the pan

chestnuts sweet chestnuts roasted chestnuts healthy snack

Chestnuts and chestnuts taste particularly fine roasted with butter and rosemary

roast chestnuts sweet chestnuts butter rosemary

The main characteristics of the sweet chestnuts

chestnuts edible chestnuts edible leaves nuts

Roast chestnuts at home and invite friends over

Roast chestnuts autumn christmas

This is how the delicious nuts look peeled

chestnuts sweet chestnuts roasted peeled sweet chestnuts

Do not confuse the edible with the horse chestnuts!        

Chestnuts and horse chestnuts distinguish between shells and nuts

Horse chestnuts are not only suitable as decoration, but also as animal feed

chestnuts horse chestnuts animal feed autumn