We are all waiting impatiently for the warm summer days and for barbecues with friends. Unfortunately, the weather is not playing well yet, but preparation for the upcoming barbecue time is always welcome.

In today’s article we would like to explicitly address the topic of grilling vegetables. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, there are a few things you should know about properly grilling or preparing vegetables.

Grill vegetables, paprika, prepare zucchini

A grill master can sing songs about grilling meat, but what about the right preparation and preparation of the vegetables? Whether as a side dish, main course or simple decoration, the vegetables make every grill plate more attractive and appetizing. Therefore it would be important to know and be able to do something about the cooking times, cut shapes or marinating of the vegetables.

Last but not least, the complete vitamin content of a vegetable would also be important, which is retained at the right temperature.

Cut vegetables properly

The shape not only has to do with the aesthetics of the plate, but also with the effectiveness of the preparation. It would be desirable if the tender vegetables were cooked evenly. Therefore, vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant or potatoes should be cut into slices and not into cubes. Meaty and juicy vegetables can generally be cut into large slices or strips. The slices shouldn’t be thicker than 1cm, but also not too thin so that the vegetables don’t burn.

vegetable grill marinade

Cherry tomatoes, peppers, and mushrooms can have a light, crunchy bite

grilling vegetables paprika zucchini grill plate

Sort vegetables according to cooking time

For example, if you make vegetable skewers, the shape and cooking time of the vegetables should be taken into account. Onions, zucchini and tomatoes cook quickly and at the same time and are therefore easy to combine. Carrots, potatoes, peppers or asparagus can be quickly prepared on the grill after they have been briefly pre-cooked in water.

You can also grill the hard vegetables without pre-cooking. For this you either need to wrap the vegetables in aluminum foil or simply let the hard vegetables such as sweet potatoes or carrots cook at a low temperature.

Green asparagus would be much tastier if you pre-cook it, but we leave that to your personal taste.

grill vegetables paprika vegetable mix

When grilling vegetables, you should always keep an eye on the grill (!)

Grilling vegetables, peppers, zucchiniWhich is the right oil

Not all oil is created equal. When grilling, it would be very important to choose a fortified oil that can reach a high smoke point. Rapeseed oil goes well and doesn’t cost much. Of course you can also use expensive and delicious oils, in which the spices are even more aromatic and effective. If grilling is planned, you could add the spices or fresh herbs to the oil of your choice the day before grilling. So you get a unique herbal oil that you have put together and that has already absorbed all the valuable properties of the herbs. The result is delicious and very healthy.

grilling vegetables paprika asparagus

grilling vegetables paprika zucchini onion

grilling vegetables paprika zucchini onion

The right temperature and cooking time

It is important to note the correct temperature of the grill and the correct cooking time for the various types of vegetables. The alternative with aluminum foil is very simple and relatively healthy, in which the vegetables are gently steamed even in their own juice and then grilled. Everyone develops their own feeling for grilling, which works by trying them. Keep the flame small and find the right one for you!

When decorating your plate, don’t forget that your eyes will eat with you !

vegetables grill grilled potato

Grilling vegetables paprika zucchini slices

vegetables grill peppers cauliflower

grilling vegetables paprika zucchini grill plate

grilling vegetables and peppers grill plate

Grilling vegetables paprika corn on the cob

grilling vegetables paprika mix

Grilling vegetables paprika zucchini skewer

Grilling vegetables paprika zucchini skewer